5 Reasons why Israel Shouldn’t?

What are you 5 main reasons why Israel shouldn’t reinstate the 1967 borders?

Not why they wont…but why they shouldnt

From the reasons given by our friend Mitch above, you can clearly see that people don’t know what they are talking about. For example, she says that Israel must keep that territory to protect its cities from future rocket attacks. But why then, does Israel build illegal settlements on a land occupied for security reasons? More settlements means more lands to protect them which is exactly how this colonial project aka Israel works, here:
Then she repeats this “overtaken in defensive war” myth stating that it is not occupied. Well what is it then? If it is part of Israel, then why aren’t Arabs there Israeli citizens? Are you trying to say that Israel is an apartheid state? If it is not part of Israel – which is the case according to the International Community and the International Court of Justice – then Israeli control over these Palestinian territories (including East Jerusalem of course) is occupation. And you will actually see that the whole world refers to these territories as “Palestinian territories occupied by Israel” even the US itself.
And when did Israel ever offer land for peace? Gaza disengagement? Sharon clearly said he did it for the safety of Israeli illegal settlers (which proves that Israel only understands the language of force). Israeli leaders can not be trusted in any peace deal my friend. Here is the proof by their own words:
Did you know that in whole “Judea and Samaria” Jews were less than 2% of population as of 1517? How can people still call that Jewish land? There were much more Jews in Iraq (which is according to your Biblical belief the true native Jewish homeland), Yemen, Greece…etc than in Palestine which has always been populated by the Arabs. And as Alan Dowty – Professor of Israel Studies – points out: “Like most other peoples today called Arabs (Lebanese, Egyptians…etc) , Palestinians descend from the pre-existing ancient inhabitants of their respective region and those who have come to settle it throughout history”

Why should Israel pull out from 1967 occupied territories:
1- It is not Israeli territory, but internationally recognized as Palestinian.
2- To respect the international law
3- To achieve peace
4- To become civilized and normal state
5- To stop stealing other peoples lands because of some religious scriptures

My top 5 reasons why Israel should not reinstate pre 1967 borders.

1. Some holy sites were acquired after the 1967 war such as Mt. Olives, The Wailing Wall, The Tower of David and The Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Technically speaking, these holy sites would be in the hands of hamas. Will Hamas allow Jews and Christians to visit these places?

2. The Golani Heights produces @ 15% of Israeli’s water supply, something that Israel has little of. On top of that notion, Its a great defensive tool for military purposes.

3. Going back to the borders would boost the moral of the Palestinians and boost Palestinian nationalism. This will make the leaders and the people more confident about having the ” whole cake”. Which in essence, the Palestinians are not going to shake hands and say ok good luck Israel. The Koran will not allow that.

4. It is still unclear exactly what Palestine wants. If they wanted a state as is, they could have it tomorrow. We do not really know what borders they want. Going back to the 67′ borders will not stop terrorism on the Israeli citizens as the Koran will not allow anything but Islamic law in the region. Places like Tel Aviv, Haifa and Akko, even though not effected by the green line, Were heavily influenced by arabs around this time. My opinion, The reason for no set state is because this would involve giving back a surprise amount of land in the Tel Aviv and Haifa area, which will never happen.

5. The 67′ was a series of pre-set strikes on arab nations. Israel received intelligence that Syria and others were going to attack. This land was acquired by war, a concept that Israel was going to endure offensively and defensively.

There are many more than 5 reasons but these are mine.

1. A lot of soldiers died for those lands.
2. We fought for it fair and square and have no reason at all to give it up. We earned it.
3. If we will reinstate that, Arabs will ask more and will want us eventually to return the lands from 1948.
4. There are a lot of Israelis who live there, it’s there home. Where are they gonna go after we return the lands?
5. We built there a lot and accomplished a lot there. If we return it, all we have done, all the hard work will be the Arab’s.

a million) Israel makes improvements in laptop and scientific technological information. 2) Israel provides united states of america of america with militia ammunition and new killing units. 3) Israel has donated money to a good number of charities. 4) Israel is an extremely risk-free place interior the middle East to park naval vessels 5) Israel and united states of america of america are battling the comparable enemy

There is NOT a single reason why israel should not reinstate the 1967 borders ……That is if israel is really interested in PEACE……….The problem is that israel is for NO peace……and ALL the reasons for not reinstating the 1967 borders are within the WONT not the SHOULDN’T.

Read Mitch connor answer…….and you will find the 5 points are within the WONT not the SHOULDN’T

Read May and the Hebrew name answers…….Each answerer has 5 points why israel WON’T ……

1. Hamas is an Iranian proxy and would have prime vantage points on Israeli cities if they gain control of the Jordan Valley.
2. The land was overtaken in a defensive war, therefore it is not “occupied”
3. To paraphrase Bibi Netanyahu, the pre-1967 borders were borders of war and extermination, under the current situation, although there are threats constantly, Israel has become much safer than it was in the 60s and 70s.
4. You give the Arabs a finger, they bite the whole hand, evidence: 1948-present. Land for Peace doesnt work anymore and never really has.
5. The land of Judea and Samaria are historically Jewish lands and Arabs are “native” to the Arabian peninsula, not places like Lebanon and Israel. Even Lebanon wants the Arab Muslims out.

It wont’ change anything
Never ever arabs will accept the existence of state of Israel
Hamas leaders say so, all arabs say so. why Obama can’t hear it? why can’t you?

Israel has the power to force its will against the Palestinians. Why should they do such a foolish thing?

just read what sameer said 🙂

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