Are there any die-hard liberal/progressive Christians out there?

If so, give me a holla’!

Here I am. It’s pretty grim around here, isn’t it? Who’s more annoying — the willfully ignorant atheists or the willfully ignorant fundamentalists? <Sigh.>

Do you want to explain what die-hard liberal/progressive Christians means?

Acutally, I am. I was raised Methodist, but raised in a family that allowed me to have a very open mind and make my own decisions. I am pro-choice and a registered democrat who also believes in God. The two can go hand and hand, despite what many people think.

My wife’s grandmother is a Catholic and is a die-hard liberal. Pro-choice, the whole ball of wax.

They’re somewhere… maybe hanging out with the Mexicans who are members of the Yacht Club.

They aren’t die-hard, they die rather easy when persecuted by the religious right

I am a liberal Pagan-Chriatian.

yeah, that and pacifist nazi’s.

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