Can Bandwagon Fans become True die hard Fans

I know , i know another Bandwagon fan

Just answer the Question

Not really, you are still a bandwagoneer at heart. i’ve seen alot of kids grab at a winner at a young age & then ride them into adulthood but, they are still bandwagon.

easy to pick out / pick on bandwagon Yankee fan. 26 championships over a looooong time. i know 49er “fans” that got on that wagon when they were a dynasty, same w/ Cowboys, Steelers, Packers & look how full Patriot bandwagon is… those people may still be “fans” but they got on a wagon.

it starts to get alittle cloudy when bandwagoneers start breeding & raising kids to be fans of thier fav team……. they don’t stand a chance.

It’s possible, but the definition of a bandwagon fan is one who jumps ship when the going gets bad and comes back when the going gets good.

Personally, I can’t stand bandwagon fans. For example, I started liking the Atlanta Braves in 1987. I wore their shirts to school and everyone was like you like the Braves – they suck. Well, here comes 1991 and wouldn’t ya know it – people who laughed cuz I was a Bravos fan were all of a sudden true Braves fans. Whatever…..I still love the Braves even though they do suck this year.

I’ve experienced similar results with the Cubbies. I started liking them in 1997 and while they have had some success between 1997 and now, people LOVE the Cubbies this year. Whatever – I bet most of these people would burn their shirts if they choke in the postseason or don’t make it to postseason.

1.) “True” fans are only snobs
2.) Die hard fans, now THEY are the real fans.
3.) What would you rather have? A section with 300 Die Hards and 2,000 bandwagoners, or just 300 Die Hards? Give me the 2,300 crowd any day.
4.) Bandwagon baseball fans are WAY better than football fans who don’t come to the baseball fans.
5.) So, the “true” snobs can’t whine about bandwagon fans all they want to. They are fans.

So, yes, many of them do, in fact, become die hards

thats not what a bandwagon fan is. If you happen to start being a fan of baseball right now, and happen to pick the cubs to root for you may be called a bandwagon fan but your really not. A bandwagon fan is someone who switches constantly between successful teams. So if someone stays a fan, they arent a bandwagon fan.

You don’t usually see that. Bandwagoners usually jump teams, and that’s what they’re known for. Maybe 1 in 100 bandwagon fans would become a true fan. I don’t really know, because I’ve been a true Cardinal fan all my life.

Yeah, I actually think it’s possible.
Someone new to a sport is obviously going to pick a winning team, jump the bandwagon, so to speak, loyalty can arise from that.

Those that have been fans of the sport and bail on their team during the “down” years, will never truly be fans of any team.

If they follow the Team like a die hard fan does, but if they just say “Im a _____ Fan” and brag about how many championships they won and dont follow the team then they cant
But if they follow the stats, it becomes a runtine to follow the them, make a new love for them, and just watch the games, then yes they can

EDIT: what is with the Bandwagon theme today? lol!

I guess, well since redsox fans and cubs fans all say they are die hard fans when everyone knows they are bandwagoners. So i guess. All bandwagoners say they are die hard fans though

They can be die-hard bandwagon fans, but they will never be true fans (in my eyes).

You know…maybe they can. I mean…I will ALWAYS remain faithful to my team but if I move to another state I couldn’t help but root for the team. I wouldn’t become a die hard fan though. Texas is my team through the good, the bad, and the just flat out atrocious.

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