Can you activate a friend’s old cell phone on your verizon phone plan?

My phone broke and i don’t have an old one that i can activate and use until i can get a new phone. (you cant get a new phone until the contract is over or its really expensive). and verizon wont fix my phone. my friend said i could have her old phone. can i activate her old phone on my plan so that i can use it?

Yes you can- you can go in-store, do it online, or do it over the phone. You will need the account password to do any of these. The phone number to call is *228, then option 1, if youre gonna do it that way. Remember that if your friends phone is one that requires a data plan, that will be added to your line



If it is a Verizon phone, not been used as a pre paid phone, and clear from the old account then YES! In fact it’s easy. Just call Verizon, or go online if you want to start an account at, and they will make the old phone your phone in about two minutes.

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Yes, you can activate any Verizon phone on the network. You can either go into the store to get it activated onto your account, or you can login to your account online and find the link to activate or upgrade your phone.

specific, I understand that all of us calls (IN) are nevertheless infinite to different Verizon telephones. that is their (IN) calling plan. even although, Verizon quotes you $.ninety 9 an afternoon in spite of your utilising the telephone or no longer. so as that is $30 a month and that does even count quantity for the minutes you’re able to purchase.

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