Cheap place in london to live?

I’m plannign to move to london in 2008 from nyc and i have a job lined up in central london. i’m asking for recommendations on cheap and affordable but safe places to live. i’ve visted the putney, roehampton, sounth wimbledon, wandsworth neighborhoods in the past but i’m curious is there are more…

well the best places to live in i think are north and they are not that expensive too (compared to central)
check out
i’ve found some examples for you:……… (cheap and good location)

There’s no doubt London is expensive to live in but everyone has different idea’s on ‘cheap’ so it might be an idea to clarify what your budget is.
A good place to look would be TNT Magazine. It’s a traveller ‘backpacker’ type magazine aimed at Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans but is a huge resource used by all Londoners for jobs, accommodation, entertainment and much more. The address is

there are no cheap places in london to live. House prices are still rising and £500,000 can only get you a 3 bedroomed house. It looks like east london and south london may be your only option. I live on the north side of the thames and i prefer it to the south.

Take it from me, I am a first time buyer and every estate agent I have been to has told me that London is NOT a cheap area to buy in. I have not given up just yet though, I’m looking for a house outside of London now. Anyways, I wish you all the best!

I’m sorry my dear but if you want more affordable than the areas you have mentioned, you are looking at areas like East London.
London is expensive for accomodation, so thecheaper areas are what they are. Having been born in East london I can appreciate your reluctance.
You might have to move further out if you do not feel comfortable with these neighbourhoods.
Good Hunting.

Get a copy of TIME OUT London, or go on th website. They advertise tons of flatshres and tons of accomodation agents to help but “cheap” London is not the same as “cheap” anywhere else in th UK!

There are NO cheap places to live in London unfortunately that are decent areas, you will be paying a fortune to live in someones converted closet!! this is just how it is in the capital interest rates on mortgages are to blame!!

You wont find anywhere central that is cheap.
Its pretty much like NYC when it comes to pricing.
The further out the cheaper it is.

Any of the prisons or Salvation Army hostels are cheap.

ROFLMAO. London and cheap is an oxymoron.

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