Christians: Is Halloween really considered the devils holiday?

If it is then how come so many different Christian churches celebrate the holiday? I am asking because while I am 23 my little sister is only 14 and she lives out of state with my parents. I don’t live with them because I am graduating from college next semester. But anyways on Halloween my sister went to go…

Pagans don’t even celebrate Halloween as a religious holiday, so I don’t know why Christians think that. Furthermore, Pagans don’t believe in the same evil spirits as Christians, we certainly don’t worship them. We don’t even believe in Satan.

The closest we have to Halloween is Samhain, which is a memorial day for our passed on relatives and a thanksgiving day for the harvest. Yes, we use a lot of symbolism for death like skulls and dark colours- but these things alone are not evil.

I find that many conservative Christians associate death with evil because they fear death. That’s why they want to be Christians- to have eternal life.

Halloween was originally based on a Catholic holiday. Now it’s secular. Costumes and Candy. As a Wiccan living in Australia, I don’t even celebrate Halloween, because it’s an American tradition.

I *do* celebrate Samhain, though. I visit the gravesites of my relatives and tidy them up.

Hardly devil worship.


I also find it funny that a lot of conservatives say that Halloween is a day that a lot of evil occurs, and underground evil is happening all over the world.

But in the Pagan/Wiccan traditions, the Southern Hemisphere has it’s holidays on opposite ends of the year to Northerners. When you guys just had Halloween (and the Pagans/Wiccans had Samhain) WE down here had Beltane- a happy, joyful spring celebration.

So it’s not even a global thing like people say. Basically anyone can make up stuff about the “evil spirits” they’ve seen and the dark stuff they’ve been present for- but it’s all made up. I know this because I used to be one of those finger pointing Christians. I would make up stuff about seeing evil presences and blame it on the devil- and was so worked up I actually *believed* myself.

After researching them more, though, I not only stopped believing they were evil, I actually started believing *them*. So now I am a Wiccan.

When Christianity moved in to the Celtic lands the Church at the time incorporated the Celtic day of spirits and created Halloween. “Hallow means saint”, and became a day of prayer for the souls that have departed. It is a tradition in Poland to go out, on all Saints day, light a candle and place it on the grave of departed loved ones. In Mexico you prepare a meal and bring the meal to the grave to share in the memory of the one you lost. Most Mexicans and Poles are Christians (Catholics). The reason we still run around wearing masks and attempting to scare people, is because 1) it is fun, 2) some of the Celtic traditions survived under Catholicism in Ireland. Halloween is not the work of the devil. It is an idea by the Church.

Yes, it’s a day in which the devil is celebrated. The Bible says to test the spirits.

“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”…

It is also says to love not the world or the things of the world.

“Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” (1 John 2:15)

Isaiah 5:20 also says this:
“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”…

What is the spirit of Halloween, to look at it? It is to make sport of death, sin, evil, suffering, witchcraft, demons, the devil, etc. it is about having fun with spiritual darkness and making us comfortable with it. The “holiday” itself comes from un-Christian superstitution adopted by the Catholic church. The fruit of Halloween isn’t greater reverence for God, but less.

Edit: Two other notes on what some others have said.

Whether Christians participate in Halloween or not is up to them. Sometimes churches will do Halloween alternatives that use other names like ones mentioning the season or month, and they keep away from Satanic images, and the children dress in wholesome costumes. They also make the Gospel message part of their celebration. That is having a celebration and showing the world a difference in Christians.

A second thing is that someone mentioned Christianity being taken from other religions. It wasn’t. You have to look at all these claims individually, but in the end it comes down to that Adam and Eve lived with God and passed on that knowledge to their children, and that information kept getting passed down, and often distorted. The distortions led to people sacrificing their own children to false gods, which was an abomination to the true God.

Personally and the people that I know dont think of it that way anymore it is a holiday for children to have fun. To me this “pagan holiday” has been turned into something positive. It’s not like by participating you are supporting the old views of the holiday just like atheists celebrate Christams they do not see it as a Godly holiday just a time for their kids to have fun. I think a lot of churches have started having Halloween parties or what not because they know these kids are going to be out running the streets why not give them what they want and at the same time get them in the church where they are safe.

No. Halloween was initially for honoring of the Civilization of Atlantis. It changed a lot overtime, but has nothing to do with negative entities. Although a while ago the holiday was intervened the Church to turn into the holiday of the riddance of the previous holiday know as All-Saints-Day. Although people still even after that celebrated the holiday and the churches holiday became widely expired.

Actually Halloween has Christian roots. November 1st is “All Saints Day” The name Halloween is derived from “All Hallows Eve” When something is Hallowed it is Holy. The holiday was established as a way to incorporate pagan believes into the Christian religion thus helping to win over converts from pagan to Christian.

“Ross” has it right. Halloween is, in pagan tradition, the day in which the line between the living and dead is at its thinnest and so the “scary” costumes were to keep the spirits of the dead from getting too close/ As the Christians reinterpreted it, it was a day for scary costumes to keep the devil away and leave the world free for the celebration of All Soul’s Day the next day.
It is, as noted, true that most “Christian” traditions were lifted from the pagans virtually from Day One of the splitting of Jesus from His Jewish heritage and being transmitted to the Gentiles as something He was not.
Blessings on your Journey!

Halloween is the ultimate demonic holiday, next on the list is christmas. SUNDay type so-called christians do NOT have anything to do with the God of the bible, so it is an appropriate holiday for them to celebrate. You are as per your actions. Those who celebrate or give reverence in any way to pagan holidays are no doubt PAGANS. It’s that simple.
Those pagan christians are worse than the atheists.They are hypocrites to the max and are an embarrassment to all who are actually “born again” and love and serve Yahveh, the Holy One of Israel. At least the atheists clearly say they do not believe in a god. The pagan christians say they love Him but by their obvious actions they prove the exact opposite.

Every major aspect of the christian mind control cult was taken from the so-called pagans. The virginal birth, the death, the resurrection, and yes even their beloved cross were ALL taken from the pagan cults that predate the christian cult by hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

The word “holiday” comes from two words…holy day…..There is absolutely nothing holy about halloween…………>

Halloween is a pagan day, a ritual of worshiping the dead and evil spirits………>
The RCC “christianized” it to make it seem tame and fun and acceptable………>

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