Difference between Nintendo DS and DS Lite?

I’m planning on purchasing a Nintendo DS, and just want to know the basic differences between Nintendo DS and DS Lite. Thanks!

To tell, you I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to find the regular DS’s in most places. The Nintendo DS Lite is pretty much the standard DS right now.

Now, onto the differences. The first is the size, the Lite is much smaller and more comfortable in your hands. Secondly is the button placement. Little has changed except that on the original the Power button was an actual butto you press. But on the Lite it is a tiny switch you pull down and release. Plus the start and select buttons have become tiny more comfortable circles. Everything about the DS Lite is better. The reason they made it was to improve on the original. By all means get the Lite.

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Difference between Nintendo DS and DS Lite?
I'm planning on purchasing a Nintendo DS, and just want to know the basic differences between Nintendo DS and DS Lite. Thanks!

The DS Lite is a slimmer, lighter, compact ( ds lite: 133.0mm x 73.9mm x 21.5mm, original: 148.7 x 84.7 x 28.9 mm) redesign of the original. There are also some changes to the positions of the stylus holder etc.

you can find out more here: http://console.hardocp.com/article.html?art=MTA4NCwxLCxoY29uc29sZQ==

original nintendo ds pro: sturdier hinges, game boy advance games fit flushed with the system, may withstand more rough housing abuse with younger children

original nintendo ds con: bulkier, screens are not as bright (only 3 levels of brightness), odd location for stylus

for the ds lite pro: brighter screens, better positioned microphone and speakers, smaller and lighter (physically), stylus longer

ds lite con: game boy advanced cartridge sticks out (on the bottom), publically documented failures in the hinge mechanism

hope this helps in your decision!

well they are pretty much the same but when you go to the main screen of nintendo ds lite theres a thing u touch and theres 4 kinds of brightness and a ds….. well…… does have what i just said….

a ds lite is brighter than a ds. the charger for the ds is a gameboy charger for convenience. a ds lite charger is different. the stylus holder for ds is on the top. for the ds lite the stylus holder is on the right side. those r the main diferrences

Nintendo DS
>Mic position on the bottom, very inconvenient
>Power button located near + control pad, can be easily and accidentally pushed during intense gaming and it can be frustrating.

Nintendo DS Lite
>comes in better colors
>less embarrassing to carry around
>mic in the middle, more convienient
>power button on the side, less accidents
>more scratch resistant on the touch screen
>better battery life

the ds lite is smaller and sexier get the lite and it’s is also newer with the same capabilities

you know.. you can’t buy a NEW regular DS. nintendo doesn’t make them anymore, they only make the DS Lite

as for differences, see another yahoo answers question i answered – [http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;… ]



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