Do you ever feel like throwing your computer out of the window?

I think I need a new one. It’s a slow stupid piece of crap – my god I’m so pissed! >:0

All the time! Trust me… My computer is a piece of s h i t The mouse sticks all the time and I hate it o_O

I did 2 weeks ago when it got a virus but I paid $100 and got it serviced from a small computer company.. it runs great again.. they can remove virus or restore your computer to like new wiping it.. you should look into it.

I’m there with you 100%,mine is slow that it’s pretty much a paper weight that gets emails LOL.Once I get a new one I’m gonna rip this one apart and shoot it up lol.

Many times but anger management helped me over my problems

Hell yeah, want to help me throw it out the window and destroy it, I grab the hammer and you grab the baseball bat.

i want to throw it out the window every time i turn it on…takes like a half hour to get goin

I am a Troll
I came here to rock and roll
you try to disrespect me I will leave you a lump of coal
so you better dig a hole.
or i will throw you into a pole and steal your soul.
so watch out cuz i just scored a goal.

Not a chance in hell i could of bought a car for this amount of money

I have done it and a D.V.D player that packed up.
Fookin great feeling to get rid of them.

Oh my god,hell yeah I do,almost everyday lol

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