Do you think it’d be weird to give one child two middle names and the other child just one?

I have 5 girls names on my favorites list right now. Four of them have just one middle name, and the other one has two. Do you think it’d be weird for sisters to be named Charlotte Daphne Raine and Eleanor Katherine, for example? I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks. =)

No I don’t think it would be weird! I think it may be weird if you gave one 2 middle names with a heap of syllables, but your scenario sounds fine! I also think it may be weird if you had say 5 children, and 1 of them had two middle names, and the others didn’t. If you are worried maybe you can try and find short names to put in your other names, but I really don’t think it matters. Charlotte Daphne Raine and Eleanor Katherine are really beautiful names, and they sound great together, btw.


No, I don’t think it would be weird. I think it’s actually quite common, because a lot of people use family names as middle names, and run out of relatives they want to honour after their first few children. I know quite a few younger siblings who don’t have a middle name at all, yet their elder siblings do. Some families have a tradition where a name is passed on to the first born child, and so only they have a second middle name.

I don’t think it would be noticeable if the names were still similar in length, by using either a single, longer middle or two shorter middles. Charlotte Daphne Raine and Eleanor Katherine actually have the same number of syllables, so I think they’d match really well for siblings. It may sound a little stranger if you had one child named Charlotte Daphne Raine and another named something very short, like Laura Joy, for example.

I’m planning to give my first son two middle names, the second being his father’s name, but our other children will probably just have one middle name.

Hmmmm no i don’t think it would be weird, if u like just Eleanor Katherine then trying to add another middle name too it might make it not sound right, whereas if u like Charlotte Daphne Raine, but don’t like how it sounds wiht just one middle name, then it would be silly to take one out just make it have the same number of middle names as her sister. So no i don’t think it would be weird at all.

Hope this helps, :D.

No not at all. I only have one middle name and both my brothers have two, plus for our baby we want to use brothers and sisters names, I have two brothers and my husband only has a sister, so it would be the same scenario. Besides, Daphne Raine are two shorter names then Katherine so flow nicely together.

Not at all. It just depends on what you are feeling at the time. I personally don’t like the super matchy concept of naming children, like when they all have the same initials or the same number of syllables in their names. I think they should have their own name that you choose, their own initials etc. Who cares if one has 2 middle names and the other doesn’t? It just makes it more interesting.

No it’s not weird. My bf and his middle brother both have one middle name and his youngest brother has two. Middle names are only rarely used anyways so it’s not a big deal.

i think you should do whatever feels right for you.

bear in mind that by the time you HAVE your second daughter, your favorite names might have changed.

i know i will be making an effort to give our second child two middle names like i did with our first child. but i’m a fan of symmetry. 🙂

No, that isn’t weird at all, I have one middle name, but all my siblings have 2.

I think that if you have more than one child they should have the same number of names.

i think its fine i have twin girls called Holli Anne and Tia Rose, im expecting and i think im gona call him Riley Taylor Kyle. i think its perfectly fine and having two middle names is fine aswell xx

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