Free the Jena Six…F**K LIL’ WAYNE (Yes, really)?

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First of all, if you don’t know about the Jena 6, I suggest you check out this link:…

It is sad but the fact is racism still exists today in a bad way. The sad thing is it shouldnt be rappers having to stand up and do something. It should be the so called black leaders like Sharpton and Jackson who always show up when the cameras are there. This is the type of crusade that Sharpton should be on not censoring hip hop. But the fact is, if they stand up and complain about **** like this it can come back and bite them politically so they shy away…until the cameras get there and then they are all about helping. But that is what is wrong with our community, we dont have a true leader who stands up for what is truly wrong. The fact is these rich athletes and artists should do something but the truth is most rappers dont have the riches that they claim to. But still many people just try to feel like, if they dont acknowledge it then it isnt happening. But things like the Jena 6 occur more frequently than we want to think we just need someone who actually cares about our community and what is happening to stand up and make a stand for what is right.

i just saw the nbc report on youtube and it left out a lot of things that were in the link you gave.
And yeah, i think its too much to expect rappers to do anything about this because if they cared about our communities in the first place, then they would not be spreading the kind of ignorance they do. We shouldn’t look to rappers to do anything about this, but to ourselves. I dont really know what I’m going to do but i’ll probably call up the tv stations around ny and ask why i haven’t heard anything on the news about it. This could have come straight out of the 60’s but no one has heard about it.

and dont let that first girl get you angry, cuz thats that spreading of ignorance i was talking about.

Okay, I agree with you in a way, but here’s the other side of it. I know many rappers rap about how much money they have and things of that nature, but how do YOU know that they aren’t giving money to different charities or giving money to their local neigborhoods. Just because it’s not in the news that they do it, doesn’t mean that they don’t. It doesn’t have to be publicly announced that they gave to the local boys and girls club or sponsored a child in a activity, and etc. So just because they don’t give to this specific story that you are talking about, doesn’t mean that they aren’t contributing at all. They have to at least be given the benefit of the doubt.

I agree wit u……. they talk about all the money cars and chicks they got… but they never spend it on makin the world better.

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