From what age can a dog get pregnant?

From what age can a dog get pregnant?

Congrats on getting your dog fixed! As long as she hasn’t gone into ‘heat’ she will NOT get pregnant. Dogs usually go into ‘heat’ around 6 months of age, but that doesn’t mean the dog SHOULD get pregnant then.


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Unless you are a breeder (obviously you are not, just a concerned pet owner) then you should always spay or neuter you pet, especially if there is a chance of reproducing. (Too many homeless dogs). I would find a good vet (there are good vets out there with decent prices if this is a concern you just have to look hard enough) and getting her spayed at 6 months. Each dog is different but they can go into heat after 6 months of age and while this is young they can still get pregnant. It is not recommended they have a litter so young. Usually breeders wait until the dog is at least over a year, sometimes even two, and has gone through a couple heats. If your dog is supervised or is in a fenced in area when not supervised it is less likely a dog with be able to even get to her to get her pregnant.

Dog Pregnancy Age

Some dogs get pregnant after only being a little over a year old, as this is when they hit their puberty stage. However, this is an age at which, if a dog does get pregnant, the pregnancy will ultimately effect their health in a possibly life-threatening manner.
Most all dogs can become pregnant after 2 years of age.

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Can get pregnant and should get pregnant are not the same. Spay her, problem solved.

Edit: Ok, so you aren’t a Back Yard Breeder…thank you. Anyway, a female can get pregnant from their first heat(6-8 mos old), on to old age.

They can get pregnant when they are in their first heat, which is usually around 6 months old.

I believe they can get pregnant at 6 months,
but can be spayed at 5 months. They do have
to be a certain weight to be spayed though.
Hope this helped.

Usually around 6 months, however if she isn’t pregnant yet and she becomes pregnant before the surgery, they will remove the embyros along with the uterus

From about 2 years old

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