Halloween party ideas for two year olds?

I teach preschool (two year olds to be exact) and I am having trouble thinking of games and activities to do with them on halloween. Any ideas?

We have a harvest festival at our preschool, but each class at the center participates in making up games. We have games like bowling (use 2 liter soda bottles and a little rubber ball), ring toss, bean bag toss, and throwing balls through hoops (hang a hula hoop and let the kids throw a ball through it). Once, we had a local pet shop sponsor one of the games where the kids had to get the ball into the cup or water, and if they got it in, they received a ticket, which they could take to the pet shop and get a goldfish. (That way, poor little goldfish weren’t being held captive all day, and parents had the option of actually turning in the tickets.) We also have fishing games. Then we have fun activities set up- “worms and eyeballs” (cooked spaghetti and olives) for the kids to touch and play with, a coloring area, face painting (or washable tattoos), and sock painting (fill a sock with beans/rice, tie it closed, dip in paint, stand on a stool and drop on paper- it makes a nice splatter!) Then, we take our children around to each station to let them try everything, and one treat is given out at each station. The kids have a blast doing stuff, and it gives them a chance to move about. That day we also have an “orange lunch”, where everything we serve is orange. Last year we had macaroni and cheese, orange jello, cheesits, and an orange cookie. This year, we are substituting the mac and cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches. We ask for donations for everything and make posters for our stations. Have fun!

may be u can do little trick or treat bags and have them decorate pumpkins on paper and read books about halloween only problem with that is they may not like books movies have them dress up in their costumes draw names out to win hallow een prizes and make sure every one at least has 2 good and decent prizes decorate the room and have parents come if they want . to have a little party u have to think like a 2 year olds perspective so i hope i helped

Halloweeen Party Games!

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Good luck.

Kevin, Liverpool, England.

You can have like board games for them to play with and decorations with candy and baked cookies with children scary movies like the Haunted Mansion and Disney movies.

When I was in kindergarden, I remember my teacher used to tell us to make halloween cookies and create the best halloween masks in groups. It was fun.

i have a 2 yo:) hide the eggs from Easter preferably orange ones with a number on it and what ever number they have is the prize they win:)

pin the face on the pumpkin. or maybe paint little pumpkins.

have a candy scavenger hunt

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