Help – i really want a 1 year old dog – but im out for 7 and a half hours?

And i havnt got the money, for a dog walker

any advice

Lots of people work a full day and have dogs at home. A trained dog has no problem holding their pee & poop for 8-10 hours when their owners are gone to work or school for the day. The dog will most likely sleep all day while you are gone anyway.

You can make this work by spending good quality time with your dog in the morning and evenings & lots of time with them on the weekends.

I don’t know if I would suggest you getting a 1 year old puppy and leaving them alone in a home though …. unless it is a really mellow sort. Puppies get bored very easily & can cause all sorts of havoc if left alone to their own devices.

My suggestion would be to contact a rescue in your area and see what they have available in adult dogs. There are many truly wonderful dogs that are quiet and fully housebroken (meaning they don’t soil in the house, don’t chew things up, don’t counter surf or get in the garbage) looking for homes.

Lots of great dogs are made homeless each year by having their owners pass away, go into nursing homes, become divorced, or because they move to a place where they can’t keep their dog. These are great family dogs – who – through absolutely no fault of their own – find themselves homeless.

If you want to get a dog, and want an easy fit into your home, I suggest you contact a rescue in your area and see what they have that will fit in with your lifestyle.

Far too long to leave a dog. Bear with me a moment.
7.5 hours + 1hr for you to travel to and from school, 8-10 hrs for you to be in bed and away from the dog, 15.5 hrs so far, you go and see a friend and perhaps your parents go out for the evening, lets say that’s another 2 hours, making a total of possibly 19.5 hours out of 24, so in all you will only spend 4-4.5 hrs each day with the poor thing, yes people do have dogs and work but if you can’t spend much time with it then at least get a dog walker in for an hours walk during the day, better still wait until you have left home are working and CAN afford a dog walker. If you go to a rescue shelter they will ask you how much time you will be able to spend with a dog, if you are in the UK the guidelines are to only leave a dog 4 hours maximum.

Sorry but you really aren’t in a position to have a dog at the moment. You really shouldn’t be leaving any dog for 7 1/2 hours a day regardless of it’s age. You say you don’t have money for a dog walker, therefore you are not in a position financially to own a dog. There are so many things to consider, vaccinations, insurance, training, vets bills etc. Perhaps you could offer to walk a dog for a neighbour or help at a rescue centre for the time being. One day i’m sure you’ll be in a position to own a dog, you just need to be patient. All good thing come to those who wait 🙂

It depends on the dog, my golden is the sweetest dog and she would do fine alone, however we dont cage her she has free roam of the house when we are gone.

it depends on the dog, some will not do well and will destroy everything they can.. I wouldnt leave your dog outside to cry and bark alll day long, thats not fair, and I wouldnt get a cage to keep him in when you are not home!!!!!!!

maybe you should get an older dog that has calmed down and went through the puppy stage, get a dog that is mellow, and doesnt require too much exercise so that he wouldnt mind laying around all day waiting for you do get home!!

there are lots of breeds that are not so active that would do good in this situation and lots of older dogs that would love to be out of there cage at the spca or pound and lay on your couch all day long!!!

This is not a good idea if your out of the house for that long. If you really want a 1 year old dog you will probably need to change your day plan before you get one.
Please don’t be that cruel.

You really should’nt consider having a dog if you are out for that long during the day…its selfish. Imagine if someone locked you in a room for 7 1/2 hours a day with no company, no food and no toilet. Dogs need to be walked at least three times a day also.Dont do it.

I would wait until you have more time to look after it as its not really fair on the dog to be left alone all day. I’m the same, I want one too but I’m out all day as well.

The best solution for this answer is to leave the dog with loads of food, water and toys and other things he likes around the house. make sure you give him interesting things to play with or he may get very bored.

try we got our dog from here and see is left about the same time as your out , they try to match the right dog for you , good luck

My dogs are crate trained and can go to about 8 hrs. He/she will be fine. You could even put them in the kitchen and gate it off. I did that at my old place.

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