Hmmm… I hate labelling myself, but.. (Question Inside) (:?

Okay, I hate labelling myself ‘cos it makes me seem like a poser I guess, and everyone calls me a scene kid, but i guess i am kinda scene, but i love indie/vintage styles, nearly as much as my style, and I want to adapt my style to sort of vintage/retro mixed with scene ? I have Brunnette hair, with i backcomb…

That’s trying a little too hard. is a site i like, even though i’m abit more steampunk. Try highstreet clothing like topshop, and looking out for items of clothing like on the tv programme skins, some of the stuff there are lovely and unique. Just be your self, and clothing isn’t really hard to look for. Even though i don’t know your appearence, by your attitude i think a cute blue and white sailor-esque dress would look cute. Hope that i helped.

Wow. I think you’ve just outdone the valley girl.

You sound emo. Fukahs

Damn girl just try to keep it real….
dress the way you wanna dress….
look the way you wanna look like….

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