How can I justify buying a mini-van without kids and in between husbands?

I really want to drive one so I can drive like a maniac while I smack my hands in the back swinging for the smart mouth kids and get away with it. But the problem is, I don’t have kids and I am currently in between husbands and won’t be having kids anytime soon.

Thank you very much for your fantastical…

I’ll knock you up. The electric sliding doors are supercool!

If you’re manhood is wrapped up in the kind of car you drive, there’s something wrong.My husband is all man and his manhood is not thretened by driving my mini van, but if yours is , get yourself a car that makes you feel more manly. This probably won’t be an issue once you grow up a little. I love mini vans by the way. They are the best all around cars out there.We boughta suv( Pilot, not my doing) and quickly traded back to a Oddessy. Even the men in the family like the Oddessy better.God bless!!!

Start a daycare business so that you have an endless supply of kids to smack around. Voila! Problem solved and you don’t have to go through having your own kids!

Put a mattress back there so you don’t have to keep bringing all the guys you pick up for tawdry anonymous sex back to your place. You keep complaining about all those dirty men, not being considerate enough to wipe their shoes off; here’s your chance to limit the damage.

And if you’re feeling frisky and decide on a three-some, you can use the HOV lanes.

You can borrow my kids anytime sweetie…just whack them in the back seat of that baby and slap away at ’em.

Do the little buggers good, I reckon.

Whose husbands are you in between? Sounds like a fun sandwich. You can use my taco for the Mexican version.

if you like wasting money on gas, go for it. It’s hard to give your man head while driving a van. I know your good at that.

Go for it… And don’t forget to text all yer friends about the soap opera you’re missing…

i could possibly rustle up some grandchildren? but hey who needs an excuse to do what you wanna do? Go for it!

I thought women “in between husbands (and perky boobs)” drove tahoes and suburbans…my mistake.

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