If you look at facts and history, would you say that the US is in a sense, fascist?

First, of all the foreign policy is very similar. Go out and conquer or in our case colonize. Imperialism and racism were a huge driving factor towards expansion of the US. Imperialism may be unavoidable at times because any country with power would want to flex its muscle, but we could still try not colonize. The…

I’ll just go through point by point and compare and contrast:

1) Fascist foreign policy: Considering “manifest destiny” back in the day, you are correct, there are similarities. The mentality was that it was considered our “God-given right” to expand the borders of the US, among other things.

Whether this constitutes fascism proper is open to interpretation. Forcing myself to be impartial, I would have to agree on this point. However is this still true today? Here I would disagree, since there is no longer the “divine right” aspect to the US’s reasons for going to war, and the US doesn’t try to colonize the nations it goes to war with.

2) Fascist hatred of communism: Here I disagree since a hatred of communism is not necessary to be considered fascist. That is, all countries that hate communism are not fascist, and not all fascist countries hate communism. In fact, the fascist economic model (if there is one; see next section) shares some similarities to a communist one.

3) Fascist economic policy: To begin, not everyone agrees that there is even such a thing as a “fascist” economy:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economics_o… (1st paragraph)
Assuming that there is, some characteristics are (from same Wikipedia article, I’m just rewording):
a) Strong government influence. Private property is fundamental, but incentives are given for service to the state.
b) Promotes strong individuals over weaker ones. If you wish you could say that it actively favors the rich over the poor (in most cases).
c) “Prosperity would naturally follow once the nation has achieved a cultural and spiritual re-awakening.” In some cases, large-scale capitalism is eliminated.
d) Opposition to international socialism and liberal capitalism.
e) Isolationistic: foreign trade is banned/discouraged.
f) High emphasis on military spending.

Your argument is simply wrong. Fascism does not support a free market. Also corporations wouldn’t exist in a true fascism.

Fascist militarism: No argument here, the US has the largest military budget in the world by far. Even if you only consider it as a percentage of GDP it is still relatively high (I think). One could make that argument that many governments are/can be very militaristic, including democracies (an excellent example would be tiny Greece defeating the Persians way back in the day). However if we’re just looking for similarities between US policy and fascism then we don’t care about other governments.

Fascist genocide: You really need to look this up. The US didn’t even exist when the vast majority of the deaths occurred:

Fascist nationalism: There is a great deal of difference between a small group of people claiming innate superiority and the state doing so. So far as I know, the US government proper does not claim that its citizens are superior to those of the rest of the world.

Caveat – There are exceptions. For example, during WWII you could find many propaganda videos that are quite racist. Try looking up “commando duck” on youtube. However this has been the exception rather than the rule. Also even then the claim was only versus those the US was at war against, rather than the rest of the world.

Fascist propaganda – I dislike Fox News, but there’s a world of difference between a news station (or other news source) being biased versus it being a propaganda mouthpiece. Also for it to be fascist propaganda (assuming you want to call Fox News proper propaganda) the propaganda has to be pro government. Last I heard Fox wasn’t Obama’s favorite news station.

Conclusion: There are a few similarities, but not enough to warrant calling the US a “fascism”.

No. Imperialism isn’t intrinsically connected to Fascism and genocide isn’t exclusive to Fascism either (Mao says hi).

Comparing chanting USA and the Nazi salute is absurd, being patriotic doesn’t make you a fascist.

The British Empire colonized and it certainly wasn’t Fascist.

All Fascist states are single-party states and dictatorships, and the USA has never been either of those.

Also, there is a ton of political ideologies that dislike Communism, just look at how many groups came together in the White Russian movement to fight the Communists in the Russian Civil War.

Private Property and the free market have been around longer than Fascism has, and the vast majority of people who support it aren’t Fascists.

Also your wrong by saying the US has the worlds largest standing army, China actually has the largest army, and they sure as heck aren’t fascists.

CK- It sounds like you got your question and supporting facts out of a text book or from a left wing website. It also sounds like an assignment that you are attempting to get us to do for you, rahter thn doing the research yourself. Not an insult, simply my view of it.

Here is where I think your side of the debate went off the tracks a bit:
Facism is a political ideology that believes in a SINGLE party system, wherein only members of a pre-defined racial group are eligible for inclusion. All others are sub-standard and are not worthy.
Facists also believe that a strong military is no good unless that military is in use for the good of the state. In other words, facists tend to believe that only war and military conflict can keep the country strong. The members of a facist society are, thereby, almost required to be a member of the military. also, there are usually a large number of para-military groups, or a single paramilitary group that aids in such conflicts, usually within the borders of the nation they are “defending”. (think- in this instance- of the VC in Vietnam. They were a paramilitary organization that fought along side the NVA and used intimidation and coersion to keep the citizens in line with their beliefs and to further their own political agendas).
Facists also believe in a state sponsored and directed/owned market economy, where the country owns all business, and personal gain is only acheived through selfless and total loyal service to the state. Any opposition to the state is immediately and violently suppressed.
There is more to it than that; however, we’ll let it stop there for now.

The American system, while believing that the NATIONAL group is superior is also inclusive of many national identities. In WWI Italy, or WWII Germany it was the NATIONAL race that was important. In WWII Germany, if you weren’t German, then you were a sub-standard and not able to own any property or business. In America, we believe that LEGAL immigration is a worthy and wonderous thing. Remember the phrase, “Bring us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free”? This nation was founded on immigration.
It is true that we are an imperialistic nation, then again, so is Britain (not facist, by the way), and So was Japan (also not facist), and the Soviet Union (Marxist, not facist), and so on. While we might have many locations in our “Empire” (Puerto Rico, Guam, etc) we do not hold them in check with threats of violence, but rather give them a seat in the Government where they might express their concerns.
Also, were this a facist nation, you and I would not be having this discussion, because there is NO opposition to the state. All of the political discussions that end in name calling and personal attacks would be reported to the state and whomever was in opposition (those that are “disloyal” to president Obama, as an example) would be rounded up in the middle of the night.
The Preamble to the Constitution states that the purpose of the Constitution is to promote the blessings of liberty. Since when is a facist nation ever free?

The discussion can go on for much longer; however, I think this is enough for now.

Did you research the 90% figure, if so post a link, otherwise stop making up daft stats off the top of your head. Most Europeans just get on with their lives and don’t come home every night to have some deep meaningful discussion with regard to their American cousins. However if they read YA, they would quickly come to the conclusion that Americans don’t like Canadians, Mexicans, South Americans, Europeans, Africans, people from the Middle East, Russians, People from the Far East, the Chinese, Communists, Muslims and indeed most Non-Christians. Which begs the question apart from themselves, who exactly do Americans like.

As the Constitution continues to be ignored and sideswiped our country turns either more socialist or fascist. We move moved in both directions. Its not clear where we will end up. China started out Socialist / Communist but has now embraced Fascism. Mexico is clearly Fascist. Most of the Middle east is Fascist.

We need to fight Liberal Progressives move to ignore the constitution. Become a Tea Party Member today and fight Fascism.

the country overall yes is a type of fascist (depending on your idea of fascist) but individually on the county or smaller its not. so its very hard to explain, fascism is a stretch but an understandable one, it would be more like Neutral fascism, Know what i mean?


“I don’t mean to label the US as a bad place” yes you did. You called us fascist
First, of all the foreign imperialist warmongering genocidal country.

I understand you hate America. Own it.

Very well, I will prove it. The U.S. doesn’t hate communism. We have a communist president.
We controlled the means of production

Fascism doesn’t promote private property, it just doesn’t confiscate it as quickly as communism does.

National Defense is one of the few Constitutionally mandated functions of the government. It’s not fascist
First, of all the foreign to be able to defend yourself from foreign powers. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_I…

We do have propaganda.

Yes, the world is shades of gray, but there are absolutes. For example it is absolutely evil to enslave someone. It is absolutely evil to stone a woman for being raped. It is absolutely evil to shoot up a base of unarmed innocent solders. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Hood

Yes, and Rumsfeld and Cheney Long to be the fearless leaders.

I think you don’t know what fascism means, otherwise you wouldn’t confuse it with imperialism.

Your not an educated idiot are you. Because you really sound stupid!

Hay ace: Go to Cuba and see how it’s done!

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