I’m 16, I’m pregnant and my parents said that they aren’t going to provide shelter for my baby once I have her. What can I do?

I don’t need a lecture on how irresponsible I was to get pregnant at 16; I’ve already heard it from my parents. Nothing anyone says is going to change the fact that I’m 24 weeks pregnant. The reason I’m on this site is because I need to know what to do. Last night my parents told me that they are…

Legally they are not required to provide for the child. You, yes. The baby? No. However they cannot force you to give the child up if you dont want to. They also cannot just dump the child somewhere without your knowledge as that is considered child abduction and even trafficking depending on your location. So as long as you stay with them the child stays as well. They are just not required to do anything for the baby. Meaning it can scream its head off and they arent responsible at all.

I would look into the idea of becoming emancipated from your parents and moving in with your boyfriends family. No judge would force a mother to be away from her child. And you make it seem like your parents’ home isnt a safe place for the child to be anyways.

Give it a few days. Most parents warm up to the idea once they get over the initial shock. In the mean time i would be saving all you can because it doesnt sound like your parents intend to help at all. As they are legally not required to do.

OMG, that is so not true, honey, as a parent of a 17 year old, my husband and I are responsible for her no matter what, even if she gets pregnant, she will not be an adult until 18, so yes, we are responsible for her until then. Your parents are having a harder time dealing with this more than you are, honey, there is no way you can or will be separated from your child. They cannot do that, what you can do though, is talk to your boyfriends parents, if they are acceptive of the situation, then maybe you can talk to them, and work something out. But I would seriously think about your parents and your option to live with your boyfriend, his parents sound like they are more acceptive of the situation, the only thing your boyfriends parents can say is “yes”, they will do everything and anything they can to help you, your baby and your boyfriend have a happy and healthy pregnancy. 🙂 (((hugs)))♥♥♥

Yes your parents are responsible for providing shelter for you until you are 18, but they do not have to provide shelter for your baby. It is good your boyfriend is proving money to save and also that his parents are offering to provide shelter for the baby. But if the baby is going to live at your boyfriends house, you need to also. Because the baby shouldnt be away from you that young. Youll have to feed her (assuming your going to breast feed) and take care of her. So my suggestions are , one of 3 things. 1), see if your boyfriends parents will let you move in also that way your there for the baby. Or 2), sense you have a job, you can pay your parents a small rent fee in order for the baby to live with you at home. Then they might see it differently. 3) Another option is to become emancipated. (Making your parents have no responsibility for you) then you could do as you please. You just need to have a lawyer, proof of income, and an alternative living situation. Good luck to you.

That’s messed up. Sounds like you are fully capable of providing for the child. I would definitely continue with your education. See if you can find a place that offers free legal advice. Your parents may not be able to deny your baby the right to stay with you. It’s gonna be sleeping in your room, eating food you provide it, and not using any extra electricity. I don’t think they can evict your baby.

At 16, you have more rights than you realize. You might want to read this explanation of your rights at 16. http://www.mumsnet.com/teenagers/legal-r…

I’m sorry your parents are being so unsupportive. Perhaps they will feel differently after the child is born. If you really want to keep close to your child, you might talk to a guidance counselor at school who supports you, or a social service worker who deals in underage and family matters.

The choices available depend on where you are at, I wish I could advice you better, but all I can do is remind you that your parents are very hurt and do not know how to deal with that anger, and they lash out at you to “punish you” they will eventually deal better with the trauma and realize that life does goes on. It may be hard to see now, but your relationship with your parents will improve in time. Your situation is not ideal, but I am glad to know that your bf and his parents are willing to assist you. Just hang in there until your parents have recovered enough.

Being emancipated means living completely independently. Paying all your own bills, living in your own place with no financial help from anyone. Not living with your boyfriend and his family.

This is what u deserve. ..a slap on ur face…ur parents are right.

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