Im a 15 year old boy? a picture was taken and now im embarresed? help? 5 stars best?

Im a 15 year old boy and someone took a picture of me and put it on the internet and i have a boggie at my nose and everyone is making a fun of me now saying things like “might want to wipe that boggie away from your nose sam. ew thats horrible” and stuff like this and im embarresed?

do you think its…

So you’re embarrassed by it, yet you want everyone on Y/A to look at t he pic? Something tells me you’re not the kid in the pic, you’re probably the one trying to embarrass him. Shame on you.

lol first of all why did you advertise it was a boggie? Just say it’s dirt. Try to take it in stride like they’ve never had bogies on their face. If you didn’t announce it was a bogie I would just think it was dirt or a a mole. Ahh shoot you didn’t put the picture up.

You can see it but barely at all from a distance in reality. Just ask the person to take it down. Or find out there friends name and ask them if they know his/hers password and delete the picture. Or talk to your principal or your parents or even if you know the persons parents and tell them what he/she did.

Here’s what you do.

Stay in school, always write/type with proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Stop worrying about petty crap, focus on getting good grades, maybe a girlfriend, and keeping friends that mean something to you.

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