Is it girls that prefer older guys or do guys prefer younger girls?

Do guys really care? or do they also prefer older girls? sorry if thats kinda confusing

I think Both sexes might try to get younger sexes because that makes them feel cool( or whatever) or if they are older lets say a 35 yr. male with a 23 yr. female. The male dating that female with feel good and hot cause he thinks that he can still get the young ones.

~Its goes both ways~

And both younger sexes will try to get older sexes because it might make them feel cool or popular. ex: a young female freshman dating a Senior male.

I’m 15 and I like dating older guys, I’d say 17. I’m pretty mature for my age so I guess that why i like dating older guys. Plus i think 17 is the cut off age for me. I think i’m too young to date any older than 17..

Girls perfer older guys because girls mature faster then guys.. so they try to find someone at the same maturity level as they are.. therefore, they get with older guys. But it can go the other way.. but mostly its younger girls with older guys
And the reason guys like younger girls is because the older ones are too mature like they want to start a family n stuff… and they arent ready for that

They can be like 1 or 2 years younger. same age, or 1, 2, 3 years older at the most

I think it goes both ways. The fact is that women mature faster than men, so a 26 year old man is on a pretty level playing field with a 21 year old woman. I think the women know this as well.

I think the guys prefer younger women. Just my preference!

I think girls like older guys, and guys just go along with it.

i actually like older men, my boyfriend is 31 and he was really uncomfortable with the fact that i’m 21. he didn’t want to be with someone that young but with me … eh we just couldn’t help it. i think its the women who prefer older men more-so then men preferring younger women.

I would say that:
guys perfer YOUNGER girls … and girls kinda dont care as long as there not 20 and the guy is 40 .. do u get it? 🙂 hopefully tht help

i think girls like older guys and guys like younger girls
girls like older guy bcuz there more experienced and i looks good for a girl to have a older guy on her arm
guys like younger girls bcuz they like them not much or completely inexperienced

its kinda of mutual. Cause girls want guys that are mature enoguh for them. On the other hand, guys want something new

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