Is it more correct to label Obama an African-Arab American?

His whole paternal bloodline is Muslim, he went to a Muslim school and he is connected with the Nation of Islam.

leave out the American part and you have obama

he’s. They do label different presidents by way of their background. that’s properly accepted the Kennedy grow to be the 1st catholic president. The made a reasonably super deal out of that. the place have been you while they have been calling Clinton the 1st ‘black president’. he’s plenty much less black than Obama. he’s an American president. Who has called him something distinctive?

He is not Arab..rofl….. Arabic is a ethnicity. if you see a pic of his father he is a Black African.. no different than the Black Africans in Nigeria part of the Yoruba Tribe who are Muslim.. or Muslims in any other West African Nations.Nobody had a problem yelling Ahkeem from the Houston Rockets on when he was playing bb.. he is Nigerian Muslim.. didn’t see people not wear his sportswear.. Hypocriteeeesssssssssssss….Do you people actually read books..???? his father practiced the Muslim religion as did alot of blacks that came here has slaves,, so what about Schools,, I have had friends attend catholic schools that no more picked up the catholic religion than a man on the moon.. because the learned hail mary full of grace don’t mean a thing to them today.. No connection to Nation of islam or his wife won’t be able to even been seen in public.. let alone talk.. his daughter’s heads would be covered.. Go study culture and come back…try again…Oh yeah during those Clinton years.. the Serbians who are Muslim are WHITE…

No he’s a black American. For him to be an African American he has to have been born in Africa and moved to America and became an American citizen.

Not hardly. Even if he was a Muslim (which he is not – he went to that school as a kid as it was the only one available and was open to all- not just Muslims) not all Muslims by a long shot are Arabs.

And most Muslims don’t claim the Nation of Islam as true Muslims. Nation of Islam was formed in this country and has a few different agendas that Islam.

And bloodline does not have anything to do with it either. It is a religious belief. Not a genetic trait. Despite some saying that you have to follow the parent’s religion it is not in the genes.

You are wrong. Obama is 50% white and 50% Black, He is an American just like you and I. I think you should consider taking genetic courses at your local University. Also on the subject, I am sure you heard about a great McCain Supporter Rev. Robb,Grand Imperial Of All KKK, Harrison Ark. host a webb site ,Rev Robb fully articulates your views,I am sure a person like you know this site well.

Well…….technically speaking within that paradigm, Obama is certainly more “European” than “Arab,” and he’s more “Arab” than “Black” as “Black” is generally understood in the US., but you see how confusing all of this gets?

According to the Kenyan government, Obama’s FATHER—not Obama himself—was officially an “Arab-African” (approx. 80% “Arab,” 20% “Black”). Arab identity in Africa/Middle East is, understandably, strongly influenced by Islamic culture, thus the name Obama’s parents chose for their son—-****even though the son was born in the United States****

Obama consciously chose to “claim” the Islamic African heritage reflected in his name, after going by the more innocuous (to American ears) sounding “Barry Sotero” for a few years. He’s proud of his name, so what’s wrong with public recognition of its origins?

Obama has indeed maintained strong relations with the Arab community as well, but I would say that if Obama wishes to call himself African-American, then why not, it’s up to him.

technically,since he is 50% white he can be called white, since he is 44% Arabian he can be called Arabian (or Arabian-American) but according to how the American government list being a minority, his being only 6% African, he does not qualify being called an African American. But he would lose so much of his voting base if he was honest about his actual ethnicity.

Label him An-ti American! Wake up America!

BHO does not like people using his middle name, so I suggest using his initials in a creative way. Something that would please the rap music crowd from his old State Legislative district in Chicago. How about B’ho?
Nothing Muslim about that; it is very much a name inner city Democrats would like. Vote B’ho!

No. Kenyans are not Arab… I don’t know that his father’s family are practicing Muslims or largely Muslim at all these days. What difference would it make? Obama is Christian and has never been Muslim. His mother was an atheist. Also, he has no connection to the Nation of Islam. His former pastor is friends with Farrakhan, not Obama.

Obama 2008

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