Is my Upload/Download speed good?

I do not understand upload and download speed etc… I just took an internet speed test, and I have many times before, and I know my ping is very good… Plus I am downloading like 15 games (literally — just reset my computer) and Norton Antivirus.. Anyways, my ping usually is 12, download and upload speed is…

Yes you internet connection is fairly good. Your ping is good enough for you to stream videos online and play online games.

My Stats

Download Speed: 16Mbps
Upload Speed: 6 Mbps

Good Upload Speed

Download 7.56
upload: 0.68ms

I know about the Download speed, but is the upload speed good?

download speed is .73 Mbps and upload is .28 ping is 276 is this good or bad?

I”m interested to know how does my speed rate?

Ping – 8ms
Download – 36.06Mbps
Upload – 1.14Mbps

I have no idea if this is good, average or way below other countries… (Sydney Australia)

my ping is 62 ms
my download speed is 15
my upload speed is 1.70 Mbps

Higher Mbps is always better.

Anyway, Mbps is Megabits per second. 8 Megabits = 1 Megabyte, or MB.

And no, the average speed of most computer users that own high speed internet is around 10 Mbps.

Yes the connection having download speed beyond 10MB/s (8 Megabits = 1 Megabyte) are good.
Yours is average
According to screenshot you are graded A and you connection Ping is 81% than US

My download speed is 27.54 Mbps and upload 30.13 Mbps My latency is 7

I have virgin media and sky speeds are pretty good.

My Virgin download speeds 31.24Mb/s upload 1.98 Mb/s PING: 11ms
My Sky download speed 37.73 Mb/s upload 9.61 Mb/s PING: 22ms

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