Is there a difference between making love and sex?

My co-worker and I have been having a healthy debate about this topic. I think there is a significant difference in the two. However, her opinion is strictly scientific; making love to her is sex either way. But she won’t even consider the idea of “making love.” To her it’s all the same.

making love is sex between two people who care about each other

sex is casual, quite often with no real feelings – it is done for those and by those who think quantity is more important than quality

I think there is a difference. To me, making love is when there is sincere and honest emotion exchanged between people while they are having sex…This is when the thoughts and feelings that you have shared with someone elevate the experience.

Having sex is a more primal, one night stand kind of a thing, where there is no real history between two people, just a desire to fire a few rounds. It might go as far as a couple when one of them is not in the mood but you end up having a quickie to satisfy the other… One of you is lost in a mind of sexual wonder, the other one is thinking “Modern Family” starts in 18 minutes… so wrap this up!

Sex is a act.
Making love is a gift.

Sex in it’s purest form is get it up, get it in, get it over with quick. It can be done inside of five minutes and the girl is left wondering what happened. Making love can last a couple of hours and the girl can have orgasm several time throughout the process as well as the guy. Love making is when the guy cares enough to make sure the girl walks away happy as well as getting his own needs met. Thankfully I’ve never had the former, and most of the time I was fortunate to get the latter.

The term, “Making Love” is a more gentle, yet suggestive way of having or wanting sex. It’s a cliche that is hardly valid in this era, unless two are truly in love, passionate, want intimacy with emotion, but in essence it’s sex. Sex begins in ones mind however.

There is really only a vague relative difference between making love, having sex or fu*king. I have a sense of the difference between them, but it’s nothing I could explain to you on a tangible level. It’s about the emotion involved and also in the act itself.

“Making love” involves sex betweebn two people who love each other, so that the act is infused with emotions as well as physical pleasure.

Sex, on the other hand, need not involve love or any emotion at all.

In other words, you can regard sex as the generic term for the physical act and “making love” as a type of sex.

Bodily, it is the same. But the emotion is completely unique. Intercourse is a bodily act with barely or any emotions concerned. Making Love is extra passionate and you would believe a higher connection along with your accomplice, such as passionate kissing, locking eyes, etc.

They are essentially synonyms, but it depends on the intent behind each individual as to their meaning. The term ‘making love’ seems more romantic personally.

yes, there is so much difference between “love making” and “sex”

sex is all about body function but making love is all about love and sex… so, sex is a part of love making.. its my own opinion

woman + man= making love
woman + woman= making love
man + man= sex

if a guy asked if I wanted to make love with him, that would be our last date

I think you can have an emotional connection with someone during sex, but the term making love or lover creeps me out

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