My cat is meowin’ all the time HE drives me crazy?

He is a bombay … he is about 2 years old… anyways hes gay bcoz he raped my friend’s (male) cat
he wants to mate and hes tryin to get out of the apartment wat should i do?? hes meaowing all the time i can’t sleep, study or anythin
plz help

Unless you’re planning on raising Bombay cats, GET HIM NEUTERED! They’re as loud as Siamese when they want to breed, and if there’s any female in season he’s going to be screaming because he can smell it.

You don’t want to have to deal with kittens, or with his spraying when he gets frustrated enough at being in the house. Your cat isn’t ‘gay’, he’s sexually frustrated and will go after any cat to breed, it doesn’t matter the gender to them when they’re that fustrated. Just do the smart thing and get him to the vet and get him snipped.

Males don’t go into heat. Just to clear that up. He probably smells a female that is in heat though.

He ‘raped’ the other male as you put it to show dominance. Not because he was gay or anything like that. He wanted the male to submit and in their way of doing things got him to do such. (even if it was awkward and odd for any human who viewed such an act).

Has he been talking like this all the time or recently? If often or since you’ve had him, he is probably a talker. They do that when they want attention. Not just food or water. Pet him, give him a treat, or just let him yowl.

It’s possible if he’s not fixed he senses a female cat in heat and wants out to get to her. Though I wouldn’t suggest this as he’ll get in fights with other Tom’s over the female and then you have vet bills for that save the fixing you’ll want done as soon as able.

Wish you luck hun. You can always put him in another room with his litter box, food, and water and close the door at least silencing the noise some. Just don’t do it all the time, as Kitty isn’t doing it to be annoying it’s his nature.

Is kitty fixed? That will calm him down. As for that Gay attitude, he is an alpha male and trying to tell the other cat that he is in charge being the king lion and shows his behavior in that fashion. I have two cats like that too and this is what the vet told me, so dstluke has told you the right answer about submission. My cat is meowing too so I pet him and give him all sorts of attention. The only other thing that you can do to get some peace is to wear ear phones or throw the cat out unless he is an indoor cat. Maybe you will have to check on finding him a blow up cat doll. lol

want greater information approximately your cat. male? woman? spayed, neutered? character sort, i.e. is your cat a loner, or does it hang to you consistently? cats universal are social animals and each so often they could desire to be around different cats. There could nicely be a number of clarification why your cat is doing this. i could attempt no longer last your mattress room door all the way and notice in the experience that your cat will in basic terms push it open to come lower back in devoid of doing all the crying.

My cat does the same except she’s a female and she is fixed just try to play with him to keep his mind off wanting to leave thats what I do

sometimes getting a cat nuetered isn’t the problem my 3 year old calico girl is nuetered and she does the same thing– usually its just a cry out for attention. most times you can even tell by the tone of her meow–just pet you re cat for awhile each day and it should help very much!


(Incidentally, your cat isn’t gay. Male cats mate with male cats all the time. It isn’t “rape”. It’s done to make one male cat submit to another male cat.)

He’s in heat for sure. All you can really do is wait till it passes. Or put him in a room while you study, or find a cat sitter? Good luck

Hello there,

The only thing I can think of is to get him fixed, he is calling out for a partner as he is in heat, if you are planning to breed then you will have to put up with it I am afraid or get a cat for him to mate with,maybe a female who is neutered (If you dont want kittens) Or vice versa.
Please feel free to email me with any questions.
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as bob barker would say “Help control the pet population; have your pet spayed or neutered”

sounds like your cat is in heat, after cutting out his bits he will be much less distressed

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