Ok to leave dog alone while working night shift?

In about a week I will be moving into my own apartment with my 8 month old dog. She is crate trained and house broken. I will be living by myself. I work night shift (11pm-7am). At my parents house she was rarely alone. She was kept downstairs in the crate at night while I was working, and was alone downstairs…

I imagine your dog will be perfectly fine. Just so long as she has access to some water, a bed and some of her favorite toys she will be happy. Oh, and like you said, it is important to take her out right before work and then right after. A nice walk before and after would please her greatly. If she is tuckered out from running around outside and then you leave for work, I’m sure she will sleep pretty much the whole time..
For those 12 hour shifts, you can always ask a neighbor you have bonded with and who is trustworthy if they would be okay with taking her out of a pee when they wake up.. That way she doesn’t have to hold it as long. Or maybe a friend lives nearby and wakes up early for work, and would be willing to do that. But don’t be too concerned. Just make sure you walk her before and after and give her lots of love when you are home.
Good luck! And congrats on your new place. Its always exciting moving out on your own

THis is one of the few times when it’s easy to say your dog would be just fine.
SInce you will be out when your dog would normally be sleeping, she will just sleep through the night.

If you find that you don’t have the energy the days after your shifts to really take ehr out early enough and play throughout the day – since she is young- you should perhaps arrange for a pet sitter to take her just on those days, perhaps in the morning. That would take the pressure off you, and let her get some good socialization with other dogs and people.

Ask your vet in the new place for the name of a reputable pet sitter – and not just one who sets them free in a dog park, but supervises them and walks them in small groups, to be safe. Start crating her alone now, so she gets used to being alone, before you hit her with the new surroundings.

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Part of the fun in having a well trained dog is learning to train it correctly yourself. That is also the most rewarding. Some people send dogs away for specialist training, like sheep herding, protection work or gundog training, but even then, that is the lazy way out and good trainers do their own training to get what they want from their own dogs.

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The dog will get used to it in given time. However it would be a must take her out as soon as you get home she will have to go #1 or #2. Check your local pet store to see if they have a piddle pad (I think that’s what they’re called) so she has a place to go while you are away. Don’t be to hard on her when an accident accrues and don’t leave anything laying around that you don’t want chewed up.

your puppy will be fine, My wife just recently went back to work and we went through the same thing. We have had 0 accidents and its worked out great outside of the crate. Your puppy may be bored but will basically sleep till you get home then keep you up all day

You can leave a tv or radio on for the dog. It is safe to leave her. Leave a few toys in the crate with her.

She will probably get very depressed. If u can drop her at your parents house before you go to work. If you can’t do that try to come home on lunchbreak to let her out and play. Maybe you can hire a dogwalker to come once a day and play with her and take her fo walks. Good luck

I think it’s cool to leave your dog home, if she doesn’t bark that much it shouldn’t be a problem. But if she does bark, then I’d do something to make sure that she doesn’t bark while you’re away. Leave her with some toys so that she will be entertained too.

She’ll be fine.
My Aunt works a night shift job and has a dog. They’re happy as can be.

If she is toilet trained then it is better for her to be roaming around as she would get very bored.
Buy her a few chew toys, a KONG is a good thing to keep her occupied.

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