Pittsburgh Steelers VS. Cincinnati Bengals?

Who do you think is going to win this game tonight? It is on at 8:15pm Eastern time. I’m a big Steelers fan so of course I will be routing for them all the way. Just keep in mind that Steelers and Bengles played on October 28th and the Steelers won the score was 24-13…………….

I don’t know who will win, but i am a Steelers fan too and hope they will be victorious. I’m curious about the weather conditions, tho………


Steelers, 58-24

I am a huge Bengal’s fan and knowing the field is going to be majorly beat up as it was on monday night, the score will be very low. I think that the Bengals will win 13 -10 because i think Cincy has a better offense slightly than the high powered D steelers

The Steelers of course . . . silly question.

Steelers dominated 24-10. Told you it was silly. Hines Ward is amazing!

Gotta go with my hometown team…

Your in STEELER country now!!! Woo-hoo!!!

They are gonna take them down just like the Browns, who are going to win the superbowl-… haha ya right

I forget, is it in pittsburgh or cincinatti? because if it’s pittsburgh be expecting some delays. It’s raining non-stop and expecting some storms.

Steelers. Unless the field and weather win… 🙂

im a steeler fan so i hope they win.


I hope the Steelers ….they are my favorite

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