Question for the Women, Are you ever ashamed of being female because of the stupid things some of us do?

I am at this moment disgusted with some members of my gender, some of us do the stupidest, most desperate things in order to “keep our men”. some of us never realize our worth or that we are quality people that deserve a heck of a lot better than we give ourselves credit for. Am I alone in this thought??…

I’m not ashamed of being female, exactly, I’m just ashamed of having to share the gender with girls like that. You’re absolutely right — these girls care too much about their love lives and not enough about their LIVES.

individuals are conditioned by isolation to be frightened of something they offer idea to not well-known. That worry instantly may bring about hate. A study confirmed maximum individuals might want to not locate u.s. on a map. How might want to they manage to locate or recognize something about Iran? As for the dual towers, may I remind the kind they were outfitted by the bottom bidder? Then as well-known for US initiatives on the prompt, cutting corners as a lot and bigger than conceivable to get the most income. A payoff the following, a payoff there and they destroy out with very shoddy artwork. a huge plane might want to ought to ruin into them for any of it to likely be realized. an similar ingredient is going on in center jap international places to boot. they purely call it Tuesday. we’ve a week of robust television coverage with actors putting on advantages and comedies stopped from exhibiting. individuals see someone wrapped in a sheet and immediately away imagine terrorist the position formerly they could have idea both Bedouin or Roman–or someone without pants. It does not favor to make experience or life like. that is what we do.

I am not ashamed of being a female. Instead, I am proud to be one of the few who knows that I am worth more than a lot of women believe.
It does make me sad to hear and see women who are afraid to get out of abusive relationships because they don’t want to be alone. I can just try to help them, and be thankful that I know better than that!

I feel embarrased for those girls, but never ashamed of who I am. We shouldn’t. Being a man is worse! I mean think about it.All we can do is continue to be the REAL women that the good men dream about having one day.

Don’t disc all Females.Just like there are several colored flowers in this world, we are all different.Some of our kind think they should be the giver in a relationship, and then there’s the Women that know there is life after dating a dud..Stay STRONG and pray for the others..

You are definitely not alone on this! Women truly do disgust me (which is probably why the majority of my friends are males!). From the backstabbing, gossip, manner in which some of us dress, how some try to flaunt everything just to try and take your man (GRR!)… it’s ridiculous.

I’m not saying that ALL women are like this, but it seems like the majority of us are. 🙁

I hear ya on this.. I feel that women that have to do these stupid things have no respect for themselves.. And men, if you like that kinda thing… I feel sorry for you b/c that just means you can’t handle a real woman… so ladies stop disrespecting yourselves and us as women.. You don’t give the men anything to work for.. You gotta make them work for it, hard….

Lets not forget to flip that coin sweety, women just talk about it more,. Men are too embarrassed to talk about that type of stuff

i never feel ashamed with being a girl, i don`t care about what others do. I only do what i like to do and that`s it.

I can`t judge anybody.

What a stupid question…how can you be afraid of being born a woman…too late to change it now…and how on earth does another woman being stupid or doing stupid things identify who you are?… might be a woman, but you are an individual arent you?…..

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