Should a man coach women’s basketball?

Today when so many teachers are accused of having sex with students,how do male coaches handle lockerroom scenes?

If the coach is well qualified, and has been cleared by the school board, which should do a background check on him, then, yes, he should.
As far as a team meeting, he should tell the girls the very first day, that when they are all dressed in their uniforms, or street clothes, then one of them should come tell him, so he can enter the locker room and have the team meeting.
I have coached girls softball, and I was only interested in teaching them how to play softball, without getting hurt, and how to win games….nothing else. I was well trusted by all the parents…. That’s the way it should be.
It is only sick, perverted coaches that make bad names for honest good coaches. Each school board should thoroughly investigate a coaches background, to make sure they are getting a honest, clean coach.

Should a man coach women’s basketball? Sure as long as he is a man of integrity as well as a good coach.

men make the best coaches so definately say that all male coaches will rape their team is off the wall.a team meeting is not usually held in the nude in the lockerrooms anyway

Not a problem if they are qualified.

Definitely NO. unless he is a sissy himself, then No again.

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