The American Jobs Act WOULD HAVE created 2 million jobs in 2012?

And lowered unemployment by 2% in 2012, had Senate republicans allowed it to pass last year.

Why wouldn’t republicans pass the jobs act, and why are they now complaining about our job numbers?

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, estimated that the president’s plan would boost…

And I would have been a millionaire if I won the lottery.

Republicans won’t enable the government to create jobs in u.s., subsequently they’re blocking off the roles bill. “Making Obama a a million term President” is their optimal priority. can’t try this and strengthen the financial equipment on the comparable time.

It was going to add another 400-500 Billion dollars to the deficit with no plan to pay for it. All it really offered back in return were tax credits just like in the failed stimulus packages, only these tax credits were a lot smaller and would not actually help anyone to create more jobs. The whole thing was set up to fail, but given a good name so the Dems could claim that the Reps were against job creation.

Krista, the number of unemployed is a false number generated by this administration to make it look like Obama has actually done something in the last 3 3/4 years.

It ignores the millions who have been removed from the roles for being unemployed to long. They are still there mind you, they are just not counted.

It also includes government jobs which are a net loss to the economy as they cannot, by law, produce anything. Theses people are payed by tax money that is paid by Americans who actually have jobs.
The real number on unemployed is closer to 15%.

I know that your liberal guilt is forcing you to turn a blind eye, but please please try to look at the real world.

Yes it would have, but Republicans understand to defeat Obama, they need the economy to be getting worse, not better.

Besides they represent the .01%ers who don’t want more regulation to prevent another meltdown, which they want!

Watch “Inside Job”

Then ask Why? Low Wages! They send jobs to China for Low Wages, to get Low Wages here, they need a DEPRESSION. Follow the money! They invest in Communist Countries for Profit, abandon AMERICANS, FOR MORE PROFIT!


I agree with you!!, but are you talking about the Senate or the Congress? Republicans are holding americans hostage. Can’t wait for the debates.

All these answers on here so far suck.
They don’t want to acknowledge the authenticity of any qualified authority on the subject.
Their sole philosophy re job creation revolves around trickledown

What if it would have cost the economy 2 million jobs in 2012? It seems we’ll never know…

Bringing unemployment from 10% to 6.2% wouldn’t look very good for Republicans. Why would they ever vote for something so against their interests?

The Soviet Union had many “Jobs bills”

We don’t need jobs as badly as we need the government to let deflation happen so people can afford things like food and gas and houses again.

Well I’m not surprised really, given that all Republicans are focused on is making Obama a one-term president. Mitch McConnell: “our top priority is to make Obama a one term president”. 3 thumbs down? Again, not surprised. Republicans hate facts.

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