What attracts the senior citizen to a liberal political party?

What does a liberal hope to accomplish in this party?
What is the main goal?

Lets be nice , this is asked in a respectful way.
No bashing .

Well, Lona, I think it depends on your definitions of liberal and conservative. There are ultra liberals and ultra conservatives these days that make up about 10% of the population at each end of the spectrum. There are the Glenn Beck conservatives who see danger behind every tree and live their lives scared of anything and anybody outside of their own beliefs, and there are the Michael Moore liberals who take everything totally over the top in the other direction.

Most of America falls into the 80% in the middle, and a lot of us don’t differ a whole lot in our beliefs. I consider myself to fall on the liberal side of center. I believe that someone must regulate big business because big business has proven over and over again that too many are not honest enough to regulate themselves. The greed and dishonesty of so many at the top of big businesses have led to tremendous financial losses of people who have saved responsibly all of their lives only to have a Bernie Madoff or an Enron or one of the many others virtually steal money out of our 401K’s and stock portfolios. I lean toward the liberal side because I do believe that all Americans should be able to get honest work and make a wage that they can live on. Again, big business is not willing to pay the people at the top reasonable amounts in order to be able to afford to keep jobs in this country. They outsource, cutting jobs for Americans while making enough to give multi-million dollar bonuses to their CEO’s. I lean toward the liberal side because I do believe that health care should be available to all Americans. I don’t know if the current bill is the right bill, but I do think that it’s good that we’re taking steps toward making sure all of our citizens have access to health care. I lean toward the liberal side because I think that although we must defend ourselves, I am basically anti-war. I believe that the war in Afghanistan was a just war that should have been finished before an unjust war like Iraq was even considered.

It saddens me to see what is happening with politics in the US today. Civility has been thrown out the window as has honesty and basic intelligence and imagination. There are many women running and being elected who don’t really believe in women’s rights. There are people running who want us to fall back instead of move forward. There are too many people who just want their side to win, not matter what they have to do to make it happen. Many of them have no idea what they’ll actually do if they win; they just want to win.

My best friend and I consider ourselves totally opposite in political opinion. She calls herself conservative; I call myself liberal. But if you look at our lives, we have the same values. We’ve both raised families, paid our bills, donated to charity, stayed married, lived honest lives. Occasionally we catch one another in something and say “AHA!” Most recently I complained about something Obama said, and she expressed delight that she can put her 24 year old daughter back on her health insurance now.

I think my point is that neither liberal nor conservative is a bad word. And neither philosophy makes one more or less or a patriot or more or less moral. As a matter of fact, if the rest of the world was like my friend and me, everybody would be a whole lot happier. You see, both of us know that neither of us is right all of the time, and we recognize that sometimes the other side has a good idea.

I’m a senior and a real one. I like all kinds of questions as senior citizens have inquiring minds. Some q’s I just skip but i”m still glad they are here. We have so few on this site. Unless the question is just for kids then all questions are o.k. here. There are seniors who are new and have just come to this site for the first time. I don’t know how you would find out their age until they started to ask and answer q’s. What I don’t like are the people who decide what questions are o.k. and do NOT ever ask any themselves. I guess they feel they are above us and can’t lower themselves to put up or shut up.

The senior citizen category is better left for non-political issues because it would make this category too combative.

The answer is that the Democrats are concerned for the well being of people who need help with no strings attached. Thats it.

I agree with Handyman and Rosebud.

I’ve been a registered Republican for over 40 years. I haven’t voted Republican since 1980.

For me the bottom line has become people are more important than posturing.

The same struggle with the issues that draw young people people to the party; the belief they can make things better.

All people have such political beliefs; I can find no fault with that.

I’m so honestly put off by most conservatives and all of right wing radio because of their rigid attitude, my way or the highway stand on issues like abortion, gay marriage, and religion. Anyone in the Republican party who supports gay rights or abortion rights is labeled a RINO by the right, and no chance for meaningful dialogue. I will never change my stance on these issues, so I guess that makes me a liberal. I am for the right of a woman to retain her personal choice as far as abortion, I have no trouble with a gay person wanting to be married, and think they have that right as much as any straight person, and I have no religion at all. That doesn’t mean I can’t agree with conservatives on other issues. But the Democratic party seems to be more of a live and let live party with regard to social issues, so that’s where I find myself.

If you are old, it’s possible
_ you support medical marijuana or alternative medicine
_ you support medicare/medicaid instead of privatized medical care
_ you support social security instead of privatized retirement savings

Those are the main things imo.

AMEN to Handyman’s answer. I second it!

I can’t think of a single thing….

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