Which day is the only true Biblical rest day?

During His earthly ministry, Jesus Christ taught and observed the seventh-day Sabbath. His closest followers during His life and after His resurrection observed the same Sabbath.

God has not changed His Commandment. He stills calls for the observance of the same day which He initially set forth in the Ten…

My question would be right now. How many Christians cannot tell the difference between sacrificing a lamb and a moral law?

And how many see the word “Day” when in reference to something negative and then decide this “Day” means the Sabbath when the Lord’s Sabbath is not being referenced in the entire chapter?

This is not wisdom or from those who do not love God enough to want to give this day to Him.

So who but someone trying to avoid spending quality time with God on His day would think Romans 14:5 is referring to the fourth Commandment of God? The word “Sabbath” is NOT found anywhere in the ENTIRE chapter. Henceforth it is an assumption and a very bad one as EVERY single Bible commentary such as Gills and Barnes and Matthew Henry say NO, it is not talking about the Sabbath at all but meat sacrificed to idols and the feast days that existed because of sin and ended, but some felt they still had to keep these days such as Passover and Paul is saying not to judge them and condemn them. The Bible NEVER flippantly refers to the Sabbath of the Lord thy God as just a day. It is ALWAYS called “The Sabbath” or the “Sabbath Day” Also, the word “ALIKE” was added by the translators and conveys an idea that Paul never intended. Hence it really says. “One man esteemeth one [feast] day above another: another esteemeth every [feast] day.” http://www.colossians-2-16.com/romans-14…

And Romans 10:4? Again the wrong law and obvious to those who know scripture and why Jesus died on the cross. He ended the law of sacrifices by becoming our one and final perfect sacrifice.

Now this makes sense but to say He died to end the law that lasts as long as Heaven and Earth that Jesus said we are not only to “obey” but “teach” reveals a very deceived person. http://www.the-ten-commandments.org/chri…

The seventh day has continuously been the seventh day and could in no way substitute no longer even on the recent Heavens and the recent Earth. Isaiah sixty six:22,23 God Created the Earth in 6 Days and made the seventh Sacred and it truly is an same the day previous to this, on the prompt and continuously. God does no longer lie. Titus a million:2, Hebrew 6:18 John 14:6 and he’s Our celebration a thanks to stay. What day did Christ, The Son of God and the author of the Earth kept Holy? and we are to do an same.

Which day is the only true Biblical rest day?

The day we call Saturday.

And of course God did not use the PAGAN names Saturday or Sunday! What a foolish statement! The Bible uses the name God gave and the Bible also leaves no room for mistake as to what day the Seventh day is.

Saying that God gave a Commandment in stone and then said, “Good luck in finding the day!” is just plain insulting and mocks God.

The Jews have been counting of every seven days since before Christ and SINCE Christ and there is no mention from Jesus that they had the wrong day. So the day the Jews still observe today also confirms Saturday is the Sabbath. The only way they could have lost the Seventh day is if the millions of Jews around the world slept through an entire day and no one ever told any of them. So the day Christ kept could never have been lost even if the Calendar was changed.

And one obvious proof of which day is the Sabbath is that in more than one hundred languages, Saturday is still called the Sabbath in that particular language even to this very day. This dates back to Babel where God confused the languages (Genesis 11) where Saturday was known as the Sabbath day and was incorporated into the very name of the day. The names of the days in English are pagan names but the majority of languages around the world identifies the Sabbath as Saturday.

Language……………………….. 7th Day Name…. Language……………. 7th Day Name
Babylonian (3800 B.C.)……….. Sa-ba-tu…………. Italian (Italy)…………. Sabbato
Hebrew (Ancient and Modern).. Shabbath……….. French (France)…….. Samedi
Greek……………………………… Sabbaton………… German (Germany)…. Samstag
Latin (Italy)……………………….. Sabbatum……….. Russian (Russia)…… Subbota
Spanish (Spain)…………………. Sábado…………… Polish…………………. Sobota
Portuguese (Portugal)…………. Sabbado………… English (Pagan names) Saturday

Luke 23 says the Sabbath is the day between what we call Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I am sure the day in between is not hard to find for those who can manage to count to three. http://www.the-ten-commandments.org/is_s…

If we are speaking from a strictly Biblical standpoint, then there is only one day chosen by God which He designated as a rest day and a Sabbath.

The seventh day of the week which is now known as Saturday.

Human beings cannot make a day holy nor turn it into a Sabbath.

Thank you for the opportunity to share.

Saturday is the Seventh day.

Beware of HOGIE the Sabbath hater.

He devotes his life here just to telling other not to obey the Ten Commandments.


Because he is to proud and arrogant to realize he was in a CULT for 25 years that followed the Herbert Armstrong movement that kept all the feasts days that Paul said were abolished at the cross.

His most common attack on the law of God is stating that we are not party to the Old Covenant. And yet this proud fool in his deception never mentions that God wrote His Ten Commandment law in the hearts and minds of His people.

Another attack of His is that Jesus is a sinner and broke the Sabbath by eating on the Sabbath and healing on the Sabbath

I guess he thinks that God wanted us to starve on the Sabbath. What utter nonsense! Jesus said the Sabbath was made to be a blessing to man and going hungry is not a blessing. Hogie would rather listen to the words of the Pharisees who Jesus said are not entering the kingdom then listen to the very words of Jesus himself who said,

Matthew 12:10-12 says “that it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath,” such as healing.

So the Bible refutes your lies Hogie.

And to say not all mankind had to keep the Commandments is a fools statement and to accuse God of being into double standards and that just mocks God.

So much hatred for the Lord’s Sabbath from this man now who kept it for 25 years. Please pray for this very deceived soul.

@Sylvia C. You have been told once before that Christian worship God 24/7 but you cannot keep the Sabbath every day now can you as you wold not be holy but lazy? So why do you mock God and His Commandment and others who truly do love God 24/7?

So to quote you.

Take care that you dont slander your neighbour by insisting it has to be your way.

If God’s children decide to choose God’s holy day of rest unto himself that will begin tomorrow at sundown until Saturday sundown. This takes place every week.

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The Seventh day is the Lord’s Sabbath.

It seems Micky does not know the facts below that prove him wrong.

Scripture reveals that Satan desired to be worshipped like God and so our adversary set out to institute his own day and achieve worship in place of God while also achieving a victory over God by robbing God of the worship He desired on His Holy day. (Isaiah 14:12-14) How many know the occult is typically reversed (an occult cross for example is upside down) and why Satan’s counterfeit Sabbath is also the occult equivalent? That is, 6:1 versus 1:6.

Satan begins the change by using idolatrous sun worship, which he also knew God despised. Sun worship was rampant in Babylon until its fall to the Medes and Persians in 539 B.C. which resulted in the Babylonian priests and their pagan practices ending up in Rome and Alexandria just over a century before Christ was born.

Note the following quote from the Church historian Socrates Scholasticus (5th century), “For although almost all churches throughout the world celebrate the sacred mysteries [of the Lord’s Supper] on the Sabbath of every week, yet the Christians of Alexandria and at Rome, on account of some ancient tradition, have ceased to do this.” – Socrates Scholasticus, Ecclesiastical History, Book 5, ch. 22.

The religious practices of the Babylonian priests had followed right into the Church to the point where people began calling Rome the “New Babylon.” Early Christians used the word “Babylon” as a code word for Rome to avoid persecution from that pagan power. (1 Peter 5:13) Many historians say it was like entire city of Rome converted overnight to Christianity but it was the Babylonian religion that was brought into the Church which made it easy for its followers to convert to Christianity though not a genuine conversion of course.

The Romans initially accepted the Jewish leaders and their traditions but this soon changed. In 70 A.D. the Jewish temple was destroyed by the Roman army and persecution for Judaism was growing fast. By as early as 90-100 A.D. some of the early Church fathers began moving away from anything that “appeared” Jewish to avoid persecution for Judaism. Since many Christians were also worshipping the SUN on SUN-day, some said, “Let’s keep Sunday and say it is in honour of the resurrection.” And so began some of the earliest Sabbath keeping on Sunday but significantly ONLY in Rome and Alexandria where sun worship was prevalent. Other areas were still observing Saturday which corroborates the part of pagan sun worship in changing the day.

Though now a professed Christian, Constantine was also a devout sun worshipper and planned to unite paganism and Christianity to strengthen his disintegrating empire. He knew pagans worshiped the sun on “the first day of the week,” and that many in Rome and Alexandria had changed to a Sunday Sabbath to avoid persecution. So on March 7, 321 A.D., Constantine passed his national Sunday law.

Now nearly 300 years after the cross, SUN-day worship in Rome had really taken hold and so Christians now begun calling Sunday the Lord’s Day instead of Saturday. “In the year 325, Sylvester, Bishop of Rome (AD 314-337), officially changed the title of the first day, calling it the Lord’s day.” (Lucium, Historia Ecclesiastica, p. 739)

As the Papal Church grew in power, it opposed Sabbath observance in favour of Sunday sacredness and outlawed resting on the Sabbath in the Council of Laodicea (A.D. 363-364).

Canon XXIX: “Christians must not judaize by resting on the Sabbath, but must work on that day, rather honouring the Lord’s Day; and, if they can, resting then as Christians. But if any shall be found to be judaizers, let them be anathema from Christ.”

While resting on the Sabbath was outlawed in favour of resting on Sunday according to Constantine’s Sunday Law, Cannon law 16 that was also issued by the Bishops in the Council of Laodicea (A.D. 363-364) confirms very significantly that Christians were still worshipping on the Sabbath.

Canon XVI “The Gospels are to be read on the Sabbath [i.e. Saturday], with the other Scriptures.”

The fact that the council of Laodicea found it necessary to deal with this issue is indisputable evidence that more than 330 years after the cross that there were many who were still observing the Sabbath according to the Commandment.

The change of the Sabbath to Sunday was completed by the 7th century as the Popes persecuted all who resisted their innovations. Anyone found keeping the Seventh day Sabbath were persecuted and burnt at the stake. Centuries later when the Protestant reformation began, the fourth Commandment had been almost murdered out of existence by the Roman Catholic Church, and so as all the new Protestant Churches began, they continued keeping Sunday in ignorance and hence the reason why so many think Sunday is the Sabbath. http://www.the-ten-commandments.org/why_…

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