Who can understand an atheists point of view?

This is personal point of view and I make no judgments about whether other atheists agree or not.

Christians are 33% of the world’s population followed by Islam with 21%. The way I see this… if you’re a Christian you’re telling 67% of the…

Wow! Very nice. I agree wholeheartedly and I must say that the comments in additional details are really what I am all about. Live every day to the fullest, make people as happy as I can, make the world a better place because- this is it.
Bravo Selnyk!

first i would respond that although the polls represent that christians are 33 percent of the world’s population i highly doubt that is the case. the bible is very clear that many people will confess to be christians but have no real conversion experience and no life to reflect it. acutally what the bible teaches is that around 85 to 90 percent of the word’s population is going to hell and christians are few and far between. the biblical, christian life is a radical life that few are living today. there are far more true muslims in this world than there are true christians. almost all of the books in the new testament deal with the presence of false converts and true christians. in america everbody thinks they are a christian because they go to church on sunday. there is nothing in the bible that says you are a christian because you go to church.

as far as hypocrisy is concerned you are absolutely right. i know i am a hypocrit and i know i am a bad evil person. i know i am in desparate need of God’s grace everday to keep from acting upon the evil desires in my heart. but that ‘s the beauty of the gospel. jesus said he came to call the sinners to repentance and not the righteous. all christians should know how wicked and depraved they are and how they are no better than anyone else. the difference is i’m forgiven and i have recognized that my only hope is in jesus christ because i have nothing to offer God that he doesn’t already have.

I am a Christian that does not believe in organized religion. I know that sounds kooky. But I love God and worhsip God. I do not worship a particular religion or demonination. I believe going to church hinders people. It is a popularity contest and not what God intended it to be. So, with that being said, yes, I can truly see your point of view. I am talked down to by a lot of Christians because I don’t go to church but say I am a Christian. Thay say I am giving them a bad name. I say they are giving themselves a bad name for judging me. The self-righteousness of church drives me nuts! How can a preacher who is a human just like me stand behind a pulpit and yell and scream at me about hell fire and brimstone? I say live and let live, man. If you are happy in yourself, and are not searching for something bigger. If you have truly found where you fit, keep on keeping on. This is just my humble opinion.

You have a classic Atheistic point of view. Given the amount of Wars, suffering, arguments and general malcontent raised in the name of God why would you want to believe in him/her?

Hypocrisy is always something which seems odd to have in a religion, because hypocrisy is a form of lying.

I understand your viewpoint. Well said.

Finally, and open-minded one…yeah, we don’t try to convert anyone, nor do we think you’re going to hell or anything like that, but orthodox Christianity just doesn’t work with a rational thinker…there are too many improbabilities and impossibilities…not to mention that faith is DEMANDED, and most rational thinkers hate irrational demands…

Thanks for understanding…unfortunately most of your sect will get all whiny and start talking about hell and “the truth.”

And of course someone like Calill chimes in…I believe in myself plenty and believe in something greater than I am, but I don’t believe in being a slave to a corrupt institution and serving them. I believe in life, love, compassion and faith, just not faith in something created at a time when humanity needed explanations…religion was useful, it helped humanity cope with this complex world in simpler times, but if you believe in humanity and you believe in life then you have to believe that we’re growing, and outgrowing religion…the funny thing is that Christians accept the evolution of religion (from polytheistic to monotheistic) in order to promote their way as the “right” way, but don’t accept evolution in general…very sad, I’m not sure how you convince yourselves that’s the way it is…

Thank you for saying that. It’s nice to see someone provide a perspective on the conflict between Aetheism and Christianity that occurs on this website every day, without being offensive or rude.

I agree totally !

They think that they rule the world – as ignorant as they are, we should find a way of educating these poor fellows – at least the next generation. Why waste useful human lives by making them live in a dreamland ?

Yes. I am non-believer and I agree.
However, a lot of believers are not necessarily judgmental or even believe in hell. Religion just makes simple idiots even more obnoxious. Depends on the person using it.

What is to understand? They have no point of view. They don’t believe in anything, including themselves.

i can understand there point of view i’m not christian though. i think it might come from dating a atheist.

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