Why am I still getting a Hedgehog in my garden when it’s December?

Every morning there’s more Hedgehog poo at the front and the back of the house. I’m not aware that I’ve got a Hedgehog sheltering anywhere.

We have had hedgehog poo on our patio too & are surprised there is one about especially as this is badger country & they can & will kill hedgehogs.We can only think it must have some good cover nearby,the surroundings would certainly suit it.It hasn’t been spotted in daylight but if it is will contact the RSPCA or similar

Hedgehogs are natural Roamers they do not stay in the same Area . They love to eat Slugs and Snails, and so will get Rid of them if you have Hostas that Snails love to Eat. Dont seal all of the Fence until the Hedgehog is gone on its Merry Way.

You don’t say what part of the country you’re in – but especially during mild winters – hedgehogs can stay active most of the year.

They should be hibernating now,,any found should be brought to the attention of the RSPCA or a local animal rescue centre,,

they would only be out at this time of year if they are starving,take him to RSPCA / or PDSA. Do a search on the internet to find your local one.

if at all possible try and catch the hog and bring him indoors, somewhere cool, not cold, Feed him cat food and water,( not milk )my guess is he is underweight and if he does hibernate, he may well die, good luck

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