Why do some people still not believe in abnormal global warming (or climate change)?


Well be of good cheer Merlin. There aren’t that many think its not real. Not a majority, not parity, a tiny minority. On the internet you’ll find forums like this one created for discussion about Global Warming are infested and overrun by them. They try to overwhelm the site and spam it with their repetitive graffiti posts to prevent any serious discussion and to drive off any serious knowledge seekers or activists. Don’t let that mislead you into thinking they amount to a significant number, OK? Second, don’t be drawn into playing “dueling links”. That’s just suckerbait. If you say “The sky is blue” and some oatmeal brain says “Do you have a link for that? I declare the sky is pink with polkadots unless you can prove me wrong”. You probably believe the sky is blue for a variety of good reasons. If they don’t, that’s really their problem isn’t it? There’s really not much point in arguing about whether Jesus was a Jew, or whether Superman can beat up the Incredible Hulk either. Third, don’t let anyone convince you there is some major debate going on in the scientific community. There isn’t. The majority of scientists are smart and understand what’s going on. Where they disagree it is about details. Sometimes their comments can be lifted out of context to suggest there is a debate, but most facts can create a false impression when taken out of context. There are probably a small number of scientists who could be considered bonafide yet claim to be unconvinced. They are what’s called “the loyal opposition” in politics. They keep everyone honest and make them try extra hard in their research. You won’t find them trying to pass the current crisis off as part of the cycle of ice ages or that kind of nonsense. As I said, they are scientists. Fourth, ignore people who think because they can pronounce a few scientific words they are fit to argue about it. A theory isn’t something unproven and they are the main ones who call Global Warming a theory anyway. I have a degree in science and have worked at it 40 years now. Nonetheless, climate isn’t my field so I’m not an expert. I do understand what qualifies as proof and expertise in all disciplines, and clearly the D/s types don’t. When they pepper their posts with political references they make their unscientific orientation clear, as no scientist or student of science would do that. Politics are relevant and appropriate for informal discussion in terms of a specific piece of legislation or political decision. Applying labels to people who disagree with you is just gutter level political hacking. If they get you to leave in disgust they consider it a victory. Still, everyone needs a breath of fresh air now and then.

Most important of all Merlin, you don’t need anyone’s approval for your opinion, not the scientists, the government, the IPCC, the DENIER/skeptics, not anyone. In the end you have to form your opinion and the responsibility and consequences will rest with you. And nobody’s opinion determines what is true.

Because the scientists cannot prove Al Gore’s theory that CO2 has anything to do with it. We are coming out of an Ice Age. Science has shown that well before the advent of SUV’s coal-burning plants, etc. , the earth was a LOT hotter than it is now. What do you blame THAT on?

I don’t believe in it because one minute they are telling me big scary hurricanes will form b/c of global warming and the next min. they say wait global warming doesn’t cause hurricanes. And they tell me that glaciers will melt if the temp goes from -20 to -19.

Because it cannot be caused by humans.
It cannot be fixed by humans. The earth
has always had fluxuations in warming and
cooling through all the years, so sit back
and relax……..global cooling made a come-
back this winter.

Why do you believe in it? Its not been proven at all. Look back at history… I mean LONG history over thousands of years. We’re actually cooler. Global warming is popular because it fits the liberal agenda.

Because nobody has proved it to be abnormal. In fact, we have pretty good evidence that similar warming trends have occurred in the not so distant past.

It’s not happening that’s why. The earth is going through a cycle.

I do believe in it and do what ever I can to help the enviroment. I think that we have to focus more on what do we do and what else can be done instead of worrying for those who doesn’t care

some people don’t belive because 1,. they are stupid and 2. they want to pretend its all going to magically go away so they can keep on living their thoughtless lives that are dominated by conusmerism

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