Why don’t obese people just stop eating if they want to loose weight?

I keep hearing people say that they want to loose weight and if they are very heavy, like morbidly obese couldn’t they just stop eating all together for like a month? I mean it wouldn’t kill them, would it? Obviously they would have to drink water and eat a little bit, but if they cut down calories by like…

Obesity is a huge concern for many even if it doesn’t affect you or your family. It’s not just a matter of not eating and shrinking. Most often there is a psychological reasoning behind their eating habits, being ridiculed for their weight only puts more stress on their already overwhelmed state of mind. They don’t ned to be reminded of how large they are..they know.
A common misconception is “it runs in my family” which is only one-third of the truth. The fact is the human body is a complicated piece of biology. No two are identical. Our bodies are designed to take in calories, nutrients and fat and are physically made to use what is needed and in times of stress, our bodies automatically store any extra for “safe keeping”. Obviously in our western societies we do not have the need to store, but our body can not read the outside world.

When you put the factors of psychology, our lazy state of cars, tv and sitting 8 hours at a job and the unnatural processes of our foods it’s no wonder why more than a third of the US nation is clinically obese. No one wants to be the”large”friend, but it is not as easy as quiting eating. Not only do they need a proper diet to trick the body into using the stored fat they have, but exercise is a whole different topic. Can you image running with 300lbs on you? I couldn’t.

No question should be thought of as dumb or rude it was just a question you wanted answered, hope this helped. When I see a large person walking down the road, I don’t think “look how big she is”, I think “good for her”, as simple as that.

Hmm. this may be a brilliant question. it quite is the two psychological and actual issues that are combating them from loosing that weight. The psychological: There are numerous motives why they’d no longer lose the load. a million. nutrition is their chum and comforter. 2. risky diets may be a life long habit that wasn’t corrected and suits their style buds extra. 3. There may be deeper emotional concerns they try to convenience. 4. they only love tasty nutrition; tasty ingredients would no longer be the healthiest ones. 5. rigidity 6. Boredom!! 7. loss of motivation 8. they are gentle with how they seem at that length. THe actual: via fact which you’re assuming the guy would not have any scientific subject concerns like thyroid issues indexed decrease than are some different aspects: a million. At their weight, it quite is harder to even do actual interest to unfastened weight-takes so plenty extra means than an straightforward guy or woman. 2.bodily strained. 3.Financially hindered-various the heaviest individuals are from low-earnings backgrounds-they don’t have the time nor money to connect wellbeing center/workout. 4. will possibly no longer in straight forward terms like the style of fit ingredients via fact their style buds like are acquainted with ingredients they ate via fact that childhood. Im confident there are different aspects that i’ve got no longer concept approximately. Be supportive of those attempting to unfastened weight and attempt to work out the subject concerns by their eyes.

Yes, that would be extremely effective actually, however it’s not that simple. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you’re thin and you don’t gain weight easily? Correct me if i’m wrong. If you are not predisposed to weight gain then you might not realize how hard it is to cut down like that. People form eating habits over a long time and you know what they say, old habits die hard. Making a big lifestyle change like that takes a tremendous amount of discipline and its easier said then done. Especially if you are already morbidly obese it’s a very long and arduous road. So to answer your question, yes it would work very well and solve their problems but it’s not at all an easy thing to do.

Morbidly obese people are addicted to food. Like any drug addiction, it’s nearly impossible to quit without serious mental and physical help. You can’t lose weight by just cutting down your calories. Exercise is a big factor in weight loss. Think about this: How easy do you think it is to run on the treadmill, do crunches, pull-ups, push-ups, etc. when you weigh 400 lbs? It isn’t easy. It’s not as simple as you think it is.

Speaking from personal past experience, there is other factors. From my experience my body was messed up from not eating for a day or two, to eating too much. My body never knew whether it was storing or burning. Add to that my bullemia. There are more reasons to being fat then meets the eye.

I’m was poor and a single mother. When money got tight, I would let my daughter eat the last of the food. So for days I would starve. And when we were able to get food I would binge because I was so hungry. Weight issues are complex, and one should NEVER judge someone based on their size. I am losing the weight with no support system now. And its hard. When you don’t have the money to eat right, don’t have the money for personal trainer or gym, and have noone to support you its tough. So don’t judge what you don’t understand. If you want to see less fat people then reach out and help them.

Severe obesity is generally, and i do emphasize generally, due to a binge eating disorder or a trauma in the past. Like some people make themselves feel better with shopping, sleeping, having a warm bath or talking to someone, some people make themselves feel better by over eating to a point where they do not know how to change the habit.

Morbidly obese have a food addiction. Since they cant feed themselves somebody is bringing it to them. They should go to jail. At least some drug pushers wont sell to someone who is killing themselves. If you give food to a moridly obese you are no better then a dealer giving drugs to a drug addict who is homeless and malnourished from drugs.

They just can’t stop eating because they are addicted to food like drug addicts and smokers are addicted to drugs and cigarettes. It’s more of a mental problem because they just can’t stop themselves and take control over their bodies even though they know that it’s eventually gonna kill them, it’s very hard to come out of an addiction that why it’s so hard for them,

Some People “Can’t.” They have a chemical imbalance in their brain that doesn’t register when their stomach is full…I see why you are a young teenager….thoughts of why they may not be able to lose weight, does not cross your mind.

They would feel really sick all the time and be unable to do anything, but yes. This is the unhealthy way to lose weight.

The healthy way is to change your diet and exercise.

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