Why would Trump need to pardon himself if he didn’t anything wrong? Unless… he has done something wrong?


He had done plenty illegal, I said that more than a year ago. He works in NYC, with the mafia, maybe even the Russian mafia, there are things there that might put Trump in jeopardy physically.

To get a fake investigation off his back so he can better do his job. You’re going to lose again in 2018.

so list the crimes…

Jay Sekulow, Trump’s attorney says there is no talk of pardons, that’s all being overblown. What they are aware of , however, is Mueller isn’t finding any collusion, so he’s expanding to try and find something.

Trolls are a pathetic group of losers. A fundamental understanding of the powers of the president I guess are lost on them. LOL

he is toast. he can’t pardon himself for treason

He has done something wrong

What is all this garbage talk about a president being able to pardon himself? It can’t happen. The Vice President can if he chooses to when he steps up to president in the case of an impeachment or resignation due to a criminal act.

If he thought he and his administration and family were innocent, it wouldn’t have entered his mind. He’s crapping himself.

he’s not many things wrong and he’s hiding many thing
plus he’s been involved in over 3 thousand law suits.

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