Would u give me ur personal views on these girls?

Please tell me their good points and bad points.
i know it’s just ur personal opinions so u don’t have to tell me about ur nationality or anything.
u can skip some parts if u don’t have any answer.

1. American girls.

2. British girls

3 African girls


I have a friend who is extremely conservative, a little overweight, very religious, doesn’t mind the occasional joint, and tends to be on the lazy side. I have another friend who is very liberal, skin and bones, an atheist, big on parties and drinking, and never shuts up. I have another who is mildly racist, couldn’t give a rat’s *** about politics, and is very outgoing.

They are all American.

How exactly would I generalize them? Just with those 3, I can’t say that Americans are fat and lazy, because that’s not true. I can’t say they’re open to new things, because that’s not true. I can’t say they’re closed-minded, because that isn’t true, either. I would have a hard time finding anything to say that describes all of them.

Some of the countries you listed *share borders* (how do you tell the difference between southern French and northern Italian women?). Americans are in large part of German and British ancestry, with sizable Italian, Jewish, French, and other European additions, all mixed together, and most have a significant % of Native American in them as well. And that’s just the white population. African Americans make up a big chunk of the population, and almost all have significant white/Native American in them as well. My family is from Northern India, which features a mix of Dravidian, Aryan, Greek, and Persian ancestry.

The point is, you can’t generalize. It’s outright impossible. Biologically, ethnicity/race simply does not exist for humans. And if people of certain countries/regions were alike, we would never have to bother with different political parties, religions, and so on.

all good except italians. can’t stand italians.

There all good if there hot

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