Would Uk change much if Gerry Adams or Ian Paisley became the next Prime Minister?

Yes it would,Perhaps our children might all be taught how to make explosives and to use a Kalashnikov,as part of their school curriculum! At least one of these men was a convicted I.R.A. terrorist, no doubt if he was the P.M. he would fill his cabinet by giving positions to all his old I.R.A. buddies.

We have already got a Catholic as best minister. A closet Catholic who oftentimes receives the sacrament at Mass yet is pushing aside the fairly organization of being admitted to the Roman Catholic Church. If Mr Paisley speaks to Mr Blair now, and that i have not come throughout the time of any indication that he does no longer, then which could supply some indication of no matter if he could talk to a special Catholic. to boot, as a minister of religion Ian Paisley has a accountability to speak to those who’re in mistakes, to set them correct on the right direction!

If Adams becomes Prime Minister the same would happen here as has happened in Zimbabwe, we would have an ex terrorist despot in power and a civil war as the Paisley opposition took up arms, the alternative would be the same.

Don’t think Gerry Adams has any interest in becoming Prime Minister of the UK. Taoiseach maybe.

It’s not unlikely, it’s impossible. Neither leads a major political party so it’s a mute question.

if ian paisey became next prime minister i’m leaving the country

if either of them 2 become prime minister, im going to Australia

that is unlikely, they keep on opposing the government but not presenting any better alternatives to the program of blair. he’s a politician, not really “for” the brits.

They would both be the same….why not just make one of your rock stars Prime Minister…seen they all become Sir this and Sir that…its just a big joke….. just look at Tony!!!

am i on the same planet, did i awake this morning living on some other place where reality does not exsist.
both are convicted by thier own actions terrorist in the true sense of the word, they should have been tried and executed for treason twenty five years ago. lf

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