I think im mentally ill ?

Honestly its a long story , im 16 going to be 17 years old most of my life ive been alone meaning
im adopted and my adoptive parents are my grandma n grandpa so im very blessed , but i grew up by myself no kids around at home no lil bros or sisters and i was mainly the type of kid to try to get attention even…

my friend went through something really similar
so she got a therapist and started talking to him secretly behind her parents back and it helped her a ton!
she feels so much better now and is now the lead cheerleader on some team..idkk
but therapists help a lot. dont feel alone because there are tons of people out there who have similar feelings, different feelings and whatnot.
as far as the boyfriend thing goes, it sounds like a toxic situation. maybe you should take a break. maybe you should tell him that you dont mean to take your anger out on him.
i strongly suggest a therapist. dont convert to drugs and alcohol, they only make things worse. WAY WAY WORSE…trust me i have lots of friends who say it made their depression worse! and i dont want to see another life wasted.
i dont mean to say this in a mean way, (i have a therapist helps me out with EVERYTHING) get a therapst it will be life changing(: search around for the right one!
good luck with everthing! get into a good college and go places with your career, that will cheer you up!
by the way, your description made me cry for you, i dont know you but i already feel for you and love you(:

You sound to me to be a smart girl,NOT mentally unsound!
What you should do is to mix more with your outsde friends,
not your grandma or grandpap coz there’s age difference?
Gradually you will be happy with HIM or HER that you will not
have the time to see what I have advice you!Good Luck!

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Life is hell….

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