Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers?

Which did you like better?

I’d say……Sesame Street. Close though.

Sesame Street!

I love the cookie monster but someone told me recently they turned him into the vegatable monster wtf!

Sesame Street.

Sesame Street….but, when I saw Mr. Rogers being given an award for his many years on the show I was amazed. This man was the most humble and well spoken man I’ve ever heard. He was so sweet. I wished I’d had a recording of his speech ’cause I can’t really remember what he’d said. All I know was that he awed the audience. He got a standing ovation. He received this award just before his death. What a man.

I got to meet Mrs. Rogers this year when the Mr. Rogers Business Center had a grand opening at my college (I volunteered to work there) and watching some clips of the show made me remember how much I enjoyed that show. Sure it’s tedious and Mr. Rogers changed his shoes too many times during the show, but that’s a show I hold close to me (man that sounded gay ha ha). But I liked Sesame Street also.

Sesame Street. I used to love that show!

Sesame Street..i can watch Elmo but that mr, rogers is blahhhhhhhhh..

sesame street for sure. mr. rogers is creepy, i never liked it.

sesame street

sesame street!

mr. rogers was a navy seal so just imagine mr. rogers choking somebody with his sweatshirt if you dont watch my show you will end up like that guy!!!

mr. rogers was the shiz

mr rogers for the win!

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