What do you think belonging to a country really means?

Do you think it means holding passport of that country? Or perhaps being born there… living there through a certain period of time? Dreaming of that place?

Subject to the birth place is really your native country. moreover, Any dad or bad willing society accepts the born of right or not, that is in fact a native of that area. Once I heard a rule of birth at a Ship had had to enjoy free voyage ( Sea journey ) being by birth native of that ship.

National identity is part of what makes us who we are… along with the biological (gender, hair color etc.) and chosen activities (career, talents etc.) it defines where we come from or where we live…it says something to people about what they might expect of us. How much we chose to let our nationality define us or dictate our actions is really up to us… we can chose not to act, British/American/Chinese but we will always carry our national heritage. For example…Arnold the Governor of California, American movie star, Mr Universe 7 times world bodybuilding champion… was born… Austrian, you can tell because…

Being born and raised there e.g. “Irish-Americans” who say they have felt a connection to Ireland all their life because their great-great-grandfather went all the way to the US on a boat do not belong to Ireland Lol

i think its more to do with the culture that they were brought up with, so like language, food etc

@ Love with the example of irish americans, it may make sense if they were brought up with some things taken from irish culture like celebrating st patricks day or whatever, to label themselves as irish american. from my point of view it doesnt mean they have irish culture, just aspects of it growing up in america,

otherwise if its just their ancestry then i wouldnt say they “belong” there (ireland)

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