Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize!?!?

I have nothing against Barack Obama, but did he really deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize? I mean did he even do anything? Like I feel like I missed something. Don’t you have to do something REALLY special to get that? What did he do? Did I miss something? I really don’t think they awarded him for doing…

Yes. He should not have been given. When the nomination started he was not even a month into the office. Probably he and his wife’s vacation photos and his election speeches might have been liked by the committee. This award is more political and racial than any award and it doesn’t merit anything more than that. Nobel prize is revered all over the world for it recognizes hard work and achievement and not rhetoric’s and empty words. Sorry folks who are staunch supporters of Obama, your idol is not worth this prize at this point of time. Let him get the Israelis and Arabs together, Let him get the North and South Koreans together then I shall take back my words. If Bush has been trigger happy to start confrontation, Obama on the other hand is ready to duck under the table at the first sign of trouble – Take the case of missile shield for Nato.

I have nothing against him either, but I agree for him to win the award without doing a thing is ridiculous. Apparently, the Nobel committee hated George Bush so much, that they gave Obama the prize for simply not being Bush. Personally, I think this is lame, the prize should only be awarded for tangible acts, not because you like or don’t like someone.

Such SuPiD,sTuPiD replies I’ve seen !!?!!.. He must’ve did something that put him in the position to atleast be considered for such a prize !?! I honestly cannot say that he’s said,done & or contributed anything to the point that he should be considered !?! Furthermore: If a majority might agree that he’s done things or a certain something that he trult should be among those that has ever een awarded such a status or level !?!… CONGRADULATIONS Mr. President !! “I’m truly nobody to say if he deserves it or not !! But I’m happy that someone that might have a slight chance at seeing my comment !?! To have gotten such a vote!!!. keep up the good work !!!. r’`R`’r

Totally agree. I would think Venerable Dharma Master Cheng Yen, founder of the Tzu-Chi Foundation deserves the prize more than Obama. For over 42 years, under the leadership of Master Cheng Yen, the foundation has been contributing to better social and community services, medical care, education and humanism in 45 countries. She is like the Asian version of Mother Teresa except she is a buddhist nun.

Thats quite an achievement, but i’m not sure hes actually achieved anything yet. I know hes the first black president and that is a very notable event but he shouldn’t be awarded a noble prize just for that, i don’t care if hes white or black, i don’t care if hes green with 2 heads and a tail. To win a noble prize you should do something remarkable, if he ended the war in iraq or afganistan, or brought universal healthcare to the US, or ended tensions with russia once and for all, sure give him one. But not for an accident of birth

As a Translator I can assure you Obama was known around the World for some time before becoming President and was truly seen as a Peacemaker which was seen as a great improvement since his Predecessor was called a Warmonger.
Our standing in the World had fallen horrendously due to Busch’s
attitude. I can report with pride, that we are gaining in acceptance once again.

As the national post says, “In essence, the U.S. President was given the award more for what he stands for, and less for what he has achieved.”

It’s hard to understand from an individual point of view, but if you look at the general view, rather than what the media has said (good or bad), you realize that the whole “Hope” concept hasn’t been pushed as hard from anyone in recent times. Of course there have been those that push or reform, but hope itself, and his legitimate belief thereof, must be the reason he was chosen for it.

Of course, this is speculation, but that’s what I believe. Whether or not I believe he should have received it, I’m not sure, but that’s the answer anyway.

Well, one thing he HAS done, and this was mentioned as a factor, is in his speeches here and abroad (especially when he has been in the Middle East) he has tried to convey a sense to other countries (particularly Arab) that the United States is not trying to be this big, bullying dominant power (whether that is true remains to be seen), and he has admitted that the States has made mistakes here and abroad in its approach to other nations.
So, at least that’s a start…….more than the bullying attitutes of previous administrations that have alienated so many countries.

Slow year for do gooders, compare it to the Academy Awards when Little Miss Sunshine won as best picture. Slow year for good films that year. Hope it picks up or Rush Limbaugh might get it next year.

Because he is one of the best presidents that we have ever had, and it is not because of his race. It’s because he is an intelligent man, and he deserved the award. People are just jealous because he won, and they didn’t.

Shout out to all of the Obama haters!!! He’s president, and you’re not. LOL.

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