How can i get a girl to like me even so im ugly?

Hello, im 15 years old and i live in ireland. I no im ugly, im fat and ive big red cheeks and yellow teeth, look heres a pic. ) anyway, i really like some girls a year behind me in 3rd year and it just kills…

You look like Joffrey out of Game of Thrones, he’s not really my type but I bet he doesn’t have any issues in ‘shifting’? the ladies. So it can’t be about how you look, but your low self-esteem and worth. There is absolutely nothing I can say, or do, no magic wand that will make you believe or see yourself as worthy of these girls, which is really a shame as your no ogre.

Omgosh. You are Irish aren’t you? You should move to America… a lot of girls like Irish guys here. Lol jk.. although it is true.
Look I saw your picture and I think you are really cute, you just need to grow your hair out a little bit so your forehead doesn’t look so big. But that might have just been the camera angle. If you smile, and put on an air of confidence you’d be surprised how many girls will like you.
Also, you don’t just go up to a girl and go, hey, can I shift you? Obviously you can’t do that and they’d say no and be creeped out. No look, you just have to be confident, and smile, and flirt, not too much, just a little, get to know her, get her to like being around you, then ask her out, then you guys can shift a.k.a. makeout as much as you want.
Best wishes. 😉

Looks really aren’t that much of an issue, it’s personality that most girls like. Most of my friends say the most attractive trait for a guy is the ability to make them laugh. From your picture you don’t seem unattractive and everyone has different taste anyway. If you’re concerned about being over weight you can do exercise and eat healthily. Confidence is also a very attractive feature so don’t put yourself down and look at your strengths. hope that helped

your picture is absolutely fine, there is some boys in my school who are more way ugly, more than you, dont keep holding yourself down…. maybe try to excercise a bit more or start going to either the gym or a fitness activity once a week or something… nd then start being more confident nd get to know ur crush and talk to her more, most girls prefer out going guys not shy ones who hardly talk so you have to start being more confident and stop thinking about all the bad things about yourself think more about the good things about yourself… Also you could find some information about ideas what you could do on the internet just by typing in the question u asked on here…

It’s not the end of the world, you may say your ugly on the outside but you could be beautiful on the inside, I mean handsome. I’ve had a crush on a guy that people in my class call ugly but I really fell for Him… All I’m saying is be yourself, don’t pretend to be someone else, I know a lot of people do that and show her how much you care. It doesn’t matter if your ugly or pretty, rich or poor, it’s who you are on the inside that counts. Just be yourself and you’ll do fine =D

Dude, ur 15 years old, and you confidents is really low. Trust me I use to be 15 years old 2 and I thought I was the most ugliest person in the whole world. Only thing I can say is just be yourself, and understanding woman is like a science

Dude, I’ve seen hotter chicks get with uglier guys than you. Failure happens. To everybody. Get over it, bro. It’s not that bad. Also, chicks like to have a real relationship — or at least the illusion of one — so asking them to shift right off the bat is no good. Take her out for some coffee first. Damn.

picture does not load. but anyway just be your self. Ik its hard but if someone cant like you for who u are then they dont deserve you. now i think depending on your age when u hit puberty if u havent youll get better in the mean time push ups, sit ups, running and jogging switching it up jogging one min and running for another for 30 min can help. doing 20 sit ups and push ups a day will help try drinking a lot of water and less salt. will help pyshically. now as for confidence do something that u love to do and focus on that. hope that helps

Confidence, wit, and charm. Those are the main qualities women/girls go for in guys. Looks are actually one of the last qualities we look at. If you’ve ever looked at a couple and thought, “how did he get her” then I can assure you, it’s because he has those three things.

Be confident in who you are and the way you look. Be funny. Be charming. Cos you aren’t ugly so it’s not your looks that are letting you down.

I don’t know what shift means, I’m not from ireland

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