Is the education of Jews and Arabs of an equal standard in Israel?

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Summary of report by Human Rights Watch on education of Arabs compared to Jews in Israel:…

Numerical comparison of Arab and Jewish schools:…

The “Human Rights Watch” organization that makes these claims… regularly issues false statements. (There are too many instances in which HRW’s claims were disproven.) Further, the NGO Monitor discovered that HRW conforms to repetitive “double standards” and is guilty of “misleading or false claims.”
The HRW political agenda is at play whenever Israel is mentioned. Simply put, this is not a credible source; HRW lies!…
(BTW, regarding the working links provided in another answer, I was highly offended by the vitriolic falsehoods manufactured to convict Israel of allegedly discriminatory policies. No reputable source ought to advocate such drivel in an honest discussion. )
To the issue at hand, I reviewed the data provided at the HRW link. I literally laughed aloud at the faulty claims provided there about Jewish Israeli schools. Either (1) my children are not and have never been in the Israeli school system, OR (2) the data is entirely skewed.
Nevertheless, the validity of the link (or lack thereof) in the initial question is not my focus. What matters is that children’s education must remain a priority. Children of every sector (here and abroad) have a right to the best possible education that society can provide. Upon that, I would hope that we could all agree.
(In response to your ‘additional details’ question:) The NGO Monitor is a truth zealot. Until its advent, no one demanded accountability on the part of the highly influential and well funded NGOs impacting world policy in the mideast. As part of its endeavor to promote honesty among NGOs, the Monitor insists upon full transparency for itself as well. And, it tries to engage the NGOs in dialogue; for example, even the most biased anti-Israel media personalities and NGO reps in the region are invited to participate in the Monitor’s periodic conferences. (I attended the first conference two years ago in 2006, so I noted who showed, who spoke, and who shied away.)
As the Monitor documents their well researched observations for the general public to see, the accused NGOs, like HRW, have been unsuccessful in refuting the claims. (Naturally, this only matters to those who want the truth.)

Israel has 3 state funded schools. Secular where all types of Israelis go, Jews and Arabs of all faiths.

Then there is the Religious Jewish schools. Mostly religious Jews go but also Jews who parents want them to experience a full blown Jewish education.

Then there is the Arab schools, which is pretty much Arab Muslims and only Arabs can go.

There are also many private schools.

Israel even founded the public school system in the West Bank and Gaza and built and funded all the schools.

After the Palestinian Authority was recognized, PA took over the public schools, which have been shutting down or lack funding due to the Palestinian Authority corruption and Hamas using taxes for weapons and “slush” funds.

i have some reasoning to these numbers. but its only my point of view so no facts here.
arab population is mostly rural. some of them (beduis) even keep their ancient life style – live in tents.

israeli population however partialy came from europe. i dont say this is right, but it makes some sense that there will be differences. perhaps in years to come the differences will become smaller.

and i’m also pretty sure that if you’ll compare israli arab education to arab countries around israel, i believe u’ll see they are in much better state.
i study in tel-aviv university and i see many arabs around.

I have cousins in Palestine, and I think their education system is really good compared to other countries. They take extremely hard math and science classes. Compared to the US they are electives and are not required for four years in high school. Also I’ve been told that at the end of the year they take exams, that test them on everything. Comparing my education to theirs, they are learning more then I ever did.

Every Israeli citizens deserve equal treatment. By the way, you ought to find recent articles to be posted here.

Discrimination, deprivation from human rights, continuous threats and pressure put on palestinian children, fear, poverty, and violence against palestinian students by Israeli students is a reason why the Palestinians tend to be less educated in the occupied land. However, when the Palestinians are given an opportunity, they become very educated.
Same article you posted:…


Israeli Discrimination Against Non-Jews Is Carefully Codified in State of Israel’s Laws…


From New York Times:

I can post more but I guess these are enough

So Tequilla,any link you provide is accurate and any link someone else provides is false and inaccurate, what a hypocricy!

Phew, this is old… Since then situation got much worse in the Jewish sector.
There are several factors that cause the difference.
1. Many Jewish religious schools get donations from private people.
2. Large part of the funding of schools comes from the municipality, and not from the government. In most Arab municipalities, most people don’t pay their taxes, so there’s much less funding from education institutes.

By holding the Palestinian educational standards far below the zionist level, internal propaganda that outlines the superiority of the zionist people and the inferiority of Arab people; will gain some level of credence among the indoctrinated ersatz israeli people.

Historically zionist leaders have labeled Palestinians as “animals.” They now try to create some basis for these lines of thought.

It is an attempt to justify their past human abuse actions in the eyes of their own people. By dilutiting still further any zionist understanding of Palestinian humanity.

In other words, it is easier to kill or mistreat those that you are unable to connect with on a personal level.


Israeli society gives more opportunity to Arabs than do Arab states to their own citizens. Israeli Arabs and Muslims have the right to vote and to hold public office, like every other Israeli citizen. Nearly one-10th of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, is Arab; there is a mosque in the Knesset building for those who are Muslim. One of the justices of Israel’s Supreme Court is an Arab Muslim; so is a minister in the Israeli cabinet. Arabs are active in Israeli commerce, media, education, and law.

arabs get a better education in israel than they do in any arab country.

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