Need some advice i am 15 and i am involved with a 32 year old…?

I need some advice i have been involved with this 32 year old and i am only 15 years old. Well its just been sex that’s all just pure sex well she told me she is inlove with me and that she hopes i feel the same way. Well at first when this all started it all felt wrong now it doesn’t and i think i love her…

Do not do this. I know it feels like you might love her and everything, but if you REALLY do, then you can wait until you’re 18, right? If anyone finds out about this, she WILL be charged with statutory rape (no matter how many times you say you agreed/wanted it/started it/etc), She will go to prison and be forced to become a registered sex offender. If you don’t want that, END IT NOW. You should be with people your age. What do you honestly think she really wants from you? What can you offer her? Security? Money? No..all you have for her is sex and that’s all she wants you for. Get away from her hun.

Hi Ricky,

Wow… This is something…

Ok pal.. yu have a few choices to make.

You can move away with her to another state. Why?
She wants to tell everyone you are her son, so it will not raise suspicion that you are always at her house. She wants to have you, and make sure no one will come and arrest her. If you aren’t around your folks, you won’t be able to tell on her…
This move is for her… not for you… You will be reaching your sexual peak about the same time she is starting hers. It’ll be great sex… but it’ll be kind of weird too.
What happens if she gets tired of you? She’ll kick you out, and then what?

Ok.. Option 2…

Tell dad. Unless he is a Neanderthal like a few of these other guys and congratulates you and splits a beer and stuff… I’ll bet he’ll be pretty upset. In any event, he’ll call the police. She’ll be arrested, you’ll be thrown into the media spotlight. Your phone will ring off the hook with people wanting an interview, your friends at school will harass you… A big mess…

Ok… Option 3…

Get her to let you tie her to the bed, take a ton of naked photos, and upload them all over the net… OR have a friend use a digital camera and take pictures of you and her through the window… and black-male her.

This won’t solve anything, but it’d be fun… LOL… just teasing. Don’t do this…

Ok, Option 3…
Keep on having sex the way you have been and sooner or later get caught.

Option 4.
Keep your mouth shut. Stop seeing her. This will solve your problem for a while, but there will be another kid, and she may actually mess this kid up bad in the head…

The choice is yours…

She wants to move to another state so that your family can’t find you, and no one will know either of you. She feels that she can keep your inappropriate relationship a secret that way. What she may not know is that your family can and most likely will file a criminal kidnapping charge against her for taking you out of state. That is a federal offense, and she will go to jail for a long time, just like that teacher did that was in the news awhile ago.
You are too immature to know what love is, and to know the difference between love and lust. If she were a normal woman mentally wise, she would never, ever have gotten involved with a fifteen year old. She would want a mature man and not a boy/child that doesn’t know what he was getting into when he got involved with an older woman.
Talk to your parents, or your pastor/preacher/teacher, some adult who you can trust not to freak out, but who can help you out of this damaging situation. This can only end badly for you both. You are not ready for a long term relationship, you have not lived your life/youth yet. She is robbing you of dating, going to dances, holding hands with an innocent girl, your first kiss with a girl your own age etc. Just get out of this twisted and unhealthy relationship before it’s too late. Your older woman is sick and needs help that you can not give her, she needs therapy.

This is totally against the law that is the reason she doesn’t want you to tell anyone. This is considered statutory rape whether you want to have sex with her or not. She is way above your age limit have you ever wonder why she isn’t with someone her own age. She is what most people call a pedophile-predator…preying on young children. Promising to buy you a car if you move in with her, this lady is psycho. You should be the smart kid that you know you are and report this to the local authorities. Its not such thing as just sex with a15yo and 32 year old that is rape and she knows it. Don’t let her fool you into thinking she loves you, if she did she wouldn’t be having sex with a child.

You know that if you do this act with your 32 year old g/f, there will be a huge
fiasco that will happen in your town. Your parents will call the cops and if they
find your g/f, she will be arrested and charged for endangerment upon a minor
and also statutory rape. So Tell her that you cannot do this since it’s against
the law and don’t believe her that she will buy you a car, it’s only a ploy to get
you to do what she wants.

Little Ricky, stop messing with this woman. She is mentally deranged. I’m 32 and the thought of being with a 15 year old boy…I’d like to say it sickens me, but in fact I can’t even fathom the thought. She is mentally unstable and sick, totally sick. She is abusing you, mentally, physically. I know you think you like it, but it’s not normal. Don’t ever leave your home for this woman she will hurt you. You are not the only person she sleeps with I can bet my life on it. Stay away, far away. The reason she wants it to be a secret is not because she fears judgment, but because she knows she is breaking the law and it’s a law for good reason!

Outside of it being exciting to be having sex, it’s also illegal. Not to mention the crap she could be filling you head with. She could possibly screw your head up and cause you years of therapy if she hasn’t already. Tell your parents, this woman definitely has a problem mentally.

Wen I saw it thought it was pedo sum 32 yeAr old guy fukn a chick . But seen it ur a lucky **** lol I wanted to *** alsorts a lady wens I was 15 shAme i didn’t get any just do *** buddies man get ya mates round there for gang bangs she must be gaggin to want 15 year old

It is illegal, she is an adult and you are a child. she will be charged with statutory rape (and possibly abduction or kidnapping if you move state with her) if she is caught. She will be locked up for a very long time. She’s practically a pedophile

RIght on dude, this girl is obviously nucking futs, which (as you will find out later) the crazy ones make for the best screws

Don’t worry about any of the incoherent things she babbles, just keep banging away, you’re having the best time of your life – you just don’t know it yet.

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