Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning whos better?

Yes, the Patriots one last week and I’m a HUGE Patriots fan…But my guy friends and I are always debating on who is better Brady or Manning? I have my opinions but what is yours?

fantasy usually peyton over brady but wins vs loses Brady rules the world over all…

Brady’s better. I don’t care that Manning will probably have better stats when it’s all said and done. Look at how horrible Manning was last night with no supporting cast. Then look at what Brady did last year with no supporting cast. The situations are almost identical… Identical except Brady took his team to the championship game and Manning threw 6 INT’s!!

Clearly Peyton can’t carry a team on his own the way Brady can. This should end this debate once and for all.


And it is not because he is hot either. (People always say girls think that because of his looks.)

Well, I think he is the best because of his record. He is the comeback kid, the QB who brings his team around at the end of the 4th quarter. He is level-headed and works well when the pressure is on. Manning tends to lack this ability.

So, I don’t know what your opinion is, but that’s mine! I hope that I helped side with your end of the debate!!! =)

give peyton manning rache caldwel,jabar gaffney,tim dwight,and kevin cassel then give tom brady marvin harrison,reggie wayne, and brandin stokley dallas clark,and marcus pollard We are finally seeing what tom brady can do with quality receivers this year.and look how manning looks without marvin this year 3 games 4 tds 8 ints.i going with 7th round 199th pick brady over 1st round 1st pick manning by a long shot.i must admit this is great for football though

Count the rings. Gotta go Brady. I am a Colts fan and saying that hurts

For sure Brady; indeed has done well this season but look how well he did previously before he got the core of receivers this year. Imagine if he had receivers to throw to like he has this year.
Huge Pats fan here in chi-town.

Tom Brady. But yet they’re both very good.

this year brady overall mannning

Brady’s hotter….YUMMY


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