What annoys you most about Theists/Atheists/Agnostics?

For atheists, it’s that many of them don’t realize that absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence, meaning just because you can’t disprove Divinity doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Especially when it’s impossible to prove or disprove anything regarding Divinity.

For Theists,…

Well, for your first argument, I agree with you slightly. But you have to admit, absence of evidence gives a total absence of reason to accept a divine claim.

For me, I hate it when atheists (there are hardly any on R&S that do this) answer a question with “There is no god.” Okay, we know that much about an atheist; show me what ELSE you know, lest you come off as a snotty repetitive child.

For theists, I hate it when they consistently use pathetic logical fallacies to defend their claim. Upon addressing their fallacies, I get attacked with, “You don’t have God in your soul, you murderous pro-abortion/murder trash.” Theists have GOT to learn to think outside the fallacy box.

For agnostics, well, I dunno. (Haha, get it? I don’t know, because they don’t either? No?)

Yes, I generalized. But whatever, I know that it doesn’t apply to everyone.

What gets to me, sometimes, is people with an overabundance of pride. Whether that be atheists, or believers. So many people believe that thier beliefs are absolutely right, and anyone with any belief that might be even slightly different, is totally wrong, and need to be convinced as to their error. They are called “beliefs” for a reason. Yes, I believe my beliefs are relatively accurate. However, as I look back on my life, I notice that my beliefs have changed over time. I think it would be the hight of hubris for me to claim that NOW, I know all, and my beliefs are complete. I have plenty of life ahead of me, and I suspect that the evolutionary growth of my belief system will continue as it has so far. So, I’m comfortable with the beliefs I have now, and I am open to learning and growing, and perhaps changing my beliefs because of that growth. Even radically. I would invite others’ to take on this perspective for themselves, and in the process of doing so, leave others’, with their differing beliefs, alone.
Thanks for asking.
Go in Peace, to Love and Serve.

I know that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. I’m not positive that god doesn’t exist, I just know it’s not proven, and highly unlikely, so I’ll go on under the assumption it doesn’t exist until contradicting evidence is discovered. I just hold the belief that you can’t assume something is there until you know it is. Otherwise that’s belief without evidence, and I refuse to prescribe to faith.

I don’t like it when some people have no respect for other people. It’s not an issue of respect for their beliefs, but for the people who hold them. The fact that other people don’t agree with you doesn’t make them daft.

Religious beliefs have to stand on their own merits. Victimism – taking up the position that strongly held opinions are a personal insult – says “my beliefs can’t stand up on their own”. I find that irritating. It diminishes both the person and their beliefs.

“Or that they believe in it through fear of Hell.”
IF there was no ‘hell’ there’d be no xianity… it’s a FEAR based religion.

“I hate it when people don’t respect others’ beliefs”
I should auto-respect someone cos he believe s in imaginary space chappies?
So if I told you that the elfs in my garden told me to shoot all people who scoffed at elfs, you’d be okay with that?
You’re weird… you’re scary.

“but realize that not all Atheists/Theists/Agnostics are the same.”
1. ALL theists believe in some breed-brand of geographically-specific anthropomorphised space vapour.
2. ALL a-theists don’t.
3. ALL aggies aren’t too sure of much but they usually don’t believe in elfs and goblins… you’d think they’d apply the same reasoning to ALL imaginary space dudes.

Atheists: Arrogant.
Theists: Irrational.
Agnostics: Awesome
Deists: Me.

Okay, so I say I have a Fire-Breathing invisible dragon that poops marshmallows living in my garage. I can’t produce proof, so it must be real, because you can’t prove it isn’t. That’s dumb logic. But then again, where do all the Marshmallows come from, huh?

i hate it when zealots demand respect for their belief – respect is earned not demanded

as for the black swan argument: empirical scientists corroborate corporeal hypotheses by providing causality and prognostications – they are not in the business of providing ‘evidence’ for spiritual entities or the absence thereof

my view on religion is that everyone has a religion. atheism is a religion where you dont believe in anything. im an agnostic and i think everyone should shut up and let everyone believe in what they believe in. i question stuff and i find it highly annoying when people yap about how their religion is the real one

(some) Atheists: the need to wage war on the religious.
(some) Theists: the need to wage war on atheists, and each other.
Agnostics: nothing really.

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