Why did Obama more than double Bush’s aid to Pakistani Terrorists, are we now financing both sides of the War?

In all fairness Bush financed a secular Dictatorship with $8 B

Obama is financing a sectarian Theocracy with $20 B

He loves wars?

In reality our country has always done this, We have supported nearly every nation in the world at one time or another. And when we get them healthy again they always turn on us, so we do pay them to fight us.
If, in 1776, we had set our country up as an empire, we would possibly be the largest nation on Earth. As you know an empire owns the nation it defeats, therefore, we would own Great Britain, Spain, Japan, Tripoli, Mexico, yes, and even China. This would also mean each of their territories and colonies would be ours also, and that would make Obama a citizen, because Kenya was a British colony.
As for the countries helped, we would or could have made them protectorates and by doing this there would be Russia and a few small countries who were not ours.
Obama does not care about America, as we know by his statement that if it came down to backing America against the Terrorist Islamic nations, he would back them. I believe this is what he is doing with Pakistan. He is a traitor to America!

So it went from a secular dictatorship to a sectarian theocracy in less than a month? That sounds credible. NOT.

More likely that the Right were okay with whatever Bush did and whine about whatever Obama does.

Because he doesn’t know what he is doing. Its one thing to dream of being the President while roaming the country telling anyone who will listen anything they want to hear, Reality is an entirely different matter.

Hypothetically that money is supposed to be used to fight reblels in Pakistan but corruption leads to other uses, invariably against us. He seems nice enough but….

Perhaps Obama is actually Osama Bin Laden in disguise. What better role to be in to destroy the world than the President of the United States. I think its neat that Osama gave up his entire harem in exchange for the beautiful first lady. We may be hooped but our women are the best 🙂

Im still trying to understand why anyone would vote for Obama! McCain was the war hero, and the one who warned not to have sub-prime mortgage loans etc. McCain said SURGE, surge worked.

Obama – made things worse in his past…. and lies all the time!

Obama never funded Terrorist. That is a bold face lie. Why no source info?

Who knows

giv em an inch and they take a mile

He wants total ecomony collaspe. Then he can enforce marshall law and people are basically screwed. They have done this in every communist country.

I had not heard that he did that ….I love when people post with no source…hmmm wonder why there is no source? Because its not true?

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