Are 31 year old men playful or just political?

Im 22 and going on a date to a public pool with my 31 yr old neighbor. Its our first time together, actually hanging out. We normally just say HI …chat and Bye…

Im nervous excited but excited nervous!!!!

What should we talk about? Can we play marco polo And can I play dunk him? Or will he think im…

aww that is sweet. You can dunk him. He will like the attention. But remember to go slow with him on the dating thing. Don’t ask the question “are we a couple” that will scare the fck out of him and he will run away.

A lot of nice and attractive females spooked me with such a question after only a few dates. My god talk about making my heart jump out of my chess.

First, that truly relies upon on the guy lady. There are some ladies who’re pleased with the older guy subject, and assorted who’re no longer. i could project a raffle that maximum could basically discover it creepy and out of line. in spite of the undeniable fact that, there are some exceptions, exceedingly must you have speeding stable seems and a attractive character. as nicely, i’m very happy to pay attention which you’re leaving your spouse, and that i’m hoping you do it as quickly as achieveable, and in the previous you start up attempting to get with this 18 year previous, by using fact your spouse would not deserve a husband that’s cheating with a toddler.

Good luck. Just be yourself and have fun. That’s the way to get to know eachother, and whether you’re compatible. I’m 25 and my husband is 37!

lol just be yourself and if he does not like that then I guess he is not the guy for you huh! You don’t want to be with someone who you have to hide your real self from. Good luck I hope you have a good time should be fun

The playful are always political, and political certainly know how to play!

well i wouldn’t dunk him unless he starts playing with you first like splashing or something. you are a good bit younger than him and if you want to keep him around you don’t want him to think you are childish.

I have never dated older guys, but i think making things exciting will arouse his sexual side making him like. Do something interesting.

i have no experience with 31 year olds as im only 16, but, dunking him sounds fun. i see no harm in it.

he is most likely to be nervous to so just go with the flow GOOD LUCK

take a pillow he might need a nap in between the date. lol good luck~

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