…I mean with wings and stuff and what about a talking donkey how about someone that came back from the grave that you have seen…..i did”nt think so.

i guess what i am asking is where are all of those famous miricales that are in that book of astrology that you call the bible are we not…

Hello, I am a little worried about where you are getting your information from, some of it is very interesting; however, some of it just seems inaccurate to me, and some other parts are just outright wrong.

1. Yes, I believe in angels.
The word “angel” comes from the greek word, which also means messenger. Angels are basically messengers of God.
They do whatever God sends them to do.

2. The word “holy,” at least what it is in the Bible, comes from two sources: the Hebrew word (Old Testament), and the Greek word (New Testament).
Neither of these words mean “helio” as in from “the sun” or … whatever.

I do not speak Hebrew, and I currently have very little knowledge of Hebrew, but… I believe the Hebrew word for “sanctify” is Kadesh, which has nothing to do with the sun, or anything like that.

I do; however, have knowledge of Greek (it is my minor in college) and there are a few Greek words that are translated as “holy,” the most common of which is “agios.” It has nothing to do with “helio” or the sun or the light (the word for light is phos and the word for sun is Helios).

– On a side note, God created light before he created the sun.
Light is not exclusive to the sun in any way, as we now know (there are many other light bearing stars in the universe).

3. The Zodiac constellations only exist because men, a really long time ago, chose to connect those dots in those specific ways. You could connect them some other way and get a completely different image.

“Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years, and let them be lights in the expanse of the sky to give light on the earth.” (Gen 1:14-15).

Of course, they serve as references for seasons (etc), but as far as what we SEE in their shapes (virgo, libra, gemini… etc) those really don’t have much significance biblically.

I agree that there is a God, but I don’t think we have the ability to “create” anything out of nothing, even within our own minds.

Lastly, the miracles in the Bible are true, AND, they are not just in the Bible. They happen today and every breathe that I take is a living testimony that miracles do happen by the Grace of God.
I shall leave this part of it at that because I do not wish to delve into my personal life on Yahoo! answers.

No, of course not. They are mythological creatures who could not possible exist in reality. They are also a rather nasty concept. Where there the friggin angels during the holocaust? The tsunami? In earthquake, famine and plague? Do they just exist to give pampered western new-agers a warm fuzzy feeling of being looked after?

Even God Himself claims about His angels and you could just be one of them who do not need to wear wings. Your kindness to anyone can make you one to any person you have helped.
Talk to your pet and see how some of your commands is understood by it.
A man may be true to have created images in his mind and that is how the world look in many forms with such beauty and awesomeness by which the hands have formed. The mind of man is the mind of God in righteousness and justice when acted on love, mercy and compassion.

I know there are angels. i saw one and have encountered them several times.1 in human form, 1 placed its hand on my shoulder. and whispered a chant into my ear where after i trailed prophetic journey. and i saw one and thought i was going crazy until someone else in the room said out loud what i saw. p.s the light, the glory, and a sense of pure joy over took me. God allowed me to get a glimpse of what i could have in heaven and it has changed me forever. It was real. It did have wings. the brightness did not allow me to see all of it. don’t tell others what cannot be simply because u have not been chosen to witness it. your mind will never have God’s comprehension. keep up and you will condemn yourself because of your tongue.

the book of astrology that we call the bible???? :Z

I am not easily offended but i have to say you just did. not offend me… but Jesus Christ and all that he stands for. this wasn’t a question about angels but rather one to question every single thing the bible is. have you even read it? obviously not… or you would regret these things you are saying.

i am sorry you are so confused about this… and may God show you the way to him. i will pray for you as what you speak of is twisting God with the very teachings he hates

and to answer your initial question, i do beleive in angels with all my heart

Yes, angels are real and are God’s messengers. The Bible is all truth. If you haven’t please pray a sincere prayer with all your heart admitting to Jesus you are a sinner. Have full faith that His blood pays off all your sins and accept His gift of everlasting life. Give up your old life for Him. I pray that God blesses you with peace. Amen.

Wow. Lets not take things out of context or anything.

It’s sad. I meet someone who I feel like I agree with, but they’re behaving very disrespectfully.

You can’t prove christianity is wrong as long as there are people taht believe it. Please try to respect these people…

Angels are cool! they don’t ask for anything but just spontaneously help and protect. Cut them out of your life if you want but who cares?

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