Do you have smoke alarms fitted in your home?

An entire family has been wiped out here, in the early hours of this morning, when their house caught fire. All of them are dead.

The cause of the fire is not yet known but all the neighbours are saying that the house did not have any smoke alarms fitted.

If you don’t have smoke alarms fitted in your home…

may i also point out that some people do have them but remove the batteries rendering them useless, please replace your batteries before disaster strikes

I rent an apartment and there is no smoke alarm in it. I’m about to move somewhere else though and I intend to fit in smoke alarms and a gas alarm in the new place. I think they are really important. Such a small thing can save lives. Well done by your hubby and neighbour! It’s good that the family got out safely.

Yes I certainly do. 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs, I also have 1 fitted in my touring caravan and a fire extinguisher too, and a fire blanket, you can never be too careful I say.
Also may I say my dogs are both brill as if they thought I had’nt heard it !! they come and bark to let me know it is blaring. So hopefully our house should be safe.My alarms were fitted by the fire brigade, so have a life span of a 10 year battery and they will refit another when the time comes,
and my windows, and doors checked as a programme for the elderly.

Well said.

We have electric smoke alarms in our house which are wired up to the mains, and have a battery backup in case the electric goes. They go off every now and then when we are cooking (one of them is in the kitchen) which can be a pain, but still I wouldn’t be without them. You hear of too many tragedies like this awful one sadly. Smoke alarms really do save lives and are a necessity in any house or building. Hopefully this will encourage more people to get them fitted.

Yes i have 2 in my home. One downstairs and one upstairs. I also have a Carbon Monoxide detector. All of my safety alarms are checked every 2 weeks, to make sure they are still working. To be honest there is NO excuse not to have at least one, every fire station in the Country will come round to your home and fit them for FREE.

With 2 young children i am not willing to take any risks with there lives.

I do have smoke alarms and always check them.Even when we go on holiday I check the that their are smoke alarms and that they work.People think I’m OTT but,tragedies like this show you can’t be careful enough.
And Christmas time,with all the lights etc,people need to be extra vigilant.Thank you for your concern.You are very caring.
My heart goes out to the family.x

Fire is one of my biggest fears. A lot of people have smoke detectors, but they take the batteries out, or don’t keep fresh batteries in them…..might as well not have them at all!

I have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms fitted.
R.I.P to each of them, 7 more stars up in the sky tonight x. x .x .x .x .x .x

And a star for you Dream deserve it x

Yes 3 and I do check them about once a month,,,I am very safety conscious

Yeah, we’ve got them everywhere. They’re kind of annoying, especially the ones in the kitchen. I cant even make a freakin grilled cheese sandwich without one going off.

Yes, we have had two fitted for about 5 years now, they are testted weekly !

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